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There are many people who haven’t yet heard about Ice Cream shoes or any sort of Ice Cream fashion, which is fine. Personally, I like the fact that it’s still pretty underground, and it’s one of my favorite styles out there at the moment. I’m even surprised when people have never heard of BBC Ice Cream fashion.

That being said, Ice Cream shoes and sneakers are not the most famous style of shoes out there. I completely understand that. I actually appreciate that! Even if I find a style of fashion that I love, yet many or most people are already rocking it, I don’t like it anymore! Call me, crazy, but that’s how I react to things like that. There are about 5 fashion phases that I’ve been through in my life, but the Ice Cream fashion has never left my blood. Regardless, I’ll bring you through a brief synopsis of fashion through my very own eyes.

In the beginning, and this was around the age of 10 mind you, I was mostly a follower. I wanted to wear what everyone else was wearing, or I’d try something new for a day until it got shot down by literally everyone in my class. Ice Cream sneakers weren’t even a thought at that point. Maybe I had seen some BBC Cream brands by that point, but I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin enough to go with it.

By the time I was twelve, I was first introduced to this style of skate shoes, which I found pretty cool. They had loud colors that I felt spoke from my soul. They spoke to who I really was. That was my first taste. After that, I was into some older fashions such as bell bottom jeans to black trench coats. To be completely frank, I was still fashionably lost.

Ice Cream clothing was introduced to me when I was 13. I remember seeing the first BBC clothing line and I felt this sense of awe. Anyone could have presented it to me, and I would have thought that they were the coolest person in the world. It was at that moment that this amazing fashion really came back to my memory. This was one fashion that I loved!

Looking back on all of that today makes me laugh, smile, and also wish that I could extend my feelings of fashion freedom to everyone out there. I love my Ice Cream shoes now as if they were a part of my culture. Actually, they are a part of my fashion culture! Sneakers, shoes, and any fun fashion are part of my life now!

OK, before I rant too much, I’ll end this here. Just remember that with fashion, you must be yourself. Wear what you want, and buy what you want. If it feels good, go with it!

write by Meredith

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