Kids love the idea of a birthday party. Even though they don’t understand much on getting old, they just love the idea of a party where they hold centre stage.

Just decorating your home and buying an elaborate cake is not considered fancy anymore. You do have to think of a theme and get working along with it. If you have a son then the following themes are listed for you:



Animal Rescue

Lego party


Lord of the rings

Magic show

Sports – football, karate, swimming

Circus theme

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Zorro party

Rodeo party

Harry Potter

Rock star party

For girls themes could vary from:

Stitch theme


Arts and crafts

Magic show

Golf party

Bowling game

Butterfly party

Carnival theme

Circus theme

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Hello Kitty

Scavenger Hunt party

Treasure hunt

Fairytale party

Mickie and Minnie

With any these themes you can get as creative as possible in the most inexpensive way. For instance for the Rock Party, you can request kids to get an old t-choo choo charles. Then make groups of them and let them do some rocking on a stage created with the music they like.

On-the-spot ideas should be encouraged for making the best t-choo choo charles and the best hair do for the rock band. And of course the best performance gets more cake. Similarly for the Army party you could have stunts like completing an entire drill e.g. crawl on the grass, get wet in the pool and do the other rounds required.

For the rainbow theme you can decorate your entire home with streamers and fairies. Make kids sing songs and have a fairy good time.

write by Meredith