If You Need Advice On Halloween Costumes Then Read This

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Halloween is one of the most popular festivals that has gained increased popularity with every passing year. And the most important part of this festival is the Halloween costume. So, if Halloween is drawing near and you still have not decided what costume to wear for the party, you do not need to worry about that. Though there are various options for you to choose your options from, a Cat Woman costume and Alice in Wonderland costumes are the most popular and in great demand. So, go to your nearest store or to your tailor to get the perfect costume that you want.

History of Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes started at the beginning for children who would visit Halloween parties dressed as characters. The traditional costumes included characters like vampires, monsters, witches, skeletons and devils. In recent times, characters from science fiction like aliens and supernatural characters also have become a favorite with children and adults alike. This accounts for the increased popularity of costumes like the Cat Woman and the Alice in Wonderland for women along with the success of the movies with characters those characters in them. The tradition of Halloween costumes started in Scotland around the year 1895.

How to Perfectly Wear A Cat Woman Costume

This is not very difficult to wear once you have all the necessary gear. You have to buy a black skin tight jumpsuit, preferably with a shiny finish to accentuate your cat look. You need black boots, high heeled or otherwise, according to your comfort for the sexy look, but make sure you have polished them well. Any Cat Woman costume is incomplete without the black gloves and the pointed nails. Take some fake nails, cut them pointed and paint them golden. Now, with some glue, fix them to your gloves for the best effect. You will need a Cat Woman mask which is usually available at all costume shops. You can also add the ears to give it a more supernatural look. Once your costume is ready, do not forget the makeup. Put on fake eyelashes, winged dark eyeliner, mute lips and you will be the perfect Cat Woman ready to rock your Halloween party.

How to Perfectly Wear the Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice in Wonderland is the sweet, innocent look that can be a change from the usual Halloween costumes. For a stunning look with this, you need a blue a-line dress. If you do not get the desired short length that is necessary, buy a longer one. You can always cut the length short and stitch the hems. The sleeves should also be puffed ones with elastic at the hems to sit tight on the arms. So, if you do not get the desired sleeves, do not panic. All you need to do is just cut the sleeves to the correct length and stitch the elastic at the ends. Wear a white apron over your dress. For your shoes, you need the flat ballets. Your look will be incomplete without your blond wig, if you do not have blond hair, the black head band and a little bow on your blue dress.

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