Inspirational Hoop – Free sewing patterns



Pale blue linen, 30cm squareEmbroidery hoop, 26cm diameterSix stranded embroidery thread, white, navySilver metallic embroidery threadCrewel needleCoordinating ribbon, 50cm

Dimensions List

26cm diameter

Stitch a hoop

Download the template. Print and trace onto paper. Transfer the design onto the fabric. Centring it in an embroidery hoop.

Thread a crewel needle with metallic thread and outline the cloud shapes in blanket stitch. Thread the needle with three strands of white embroidery thread and work a line of split stitch outside the one you have just made, following the top edge of the blanket stitch very closely.

Fill in the cloud shapes with seed stitches, arranging them in different directions and ensuring they are evenly spaced throughout.

Thread the needle with three strands of navy embroidery thread and stitch the lettering in split stitch.On the narrow parts of the lines, work a single line of split stitch. On thicker areas, work additional lines of split stitch close together.

When the embroidery is complete, trim off any excess fabric around the outer edge,leaving a margin 3cm wide. Tuck this in neatly at the back of the frame, keeping it in place with a few stitches if necessary.Tie a length of ribbon to the brass screw on the frame and hang your artwork.