Instrumental Beats – A Guide To Making Them With Beat Maker Software

Instrumental Beats - A Guide To Making Them With Beat Maker Software

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Are you looking to get into the instrumental beats business? Unlike other’s out there who will probably try to sugarcoat it I will let you know upfront that this is a tough business to get into. There is a lot of competition because the payoff can be so big. The rest of this article will be about some things you should be aware of when approaching the instrumental beat business.

Tips On Instrumental Beat Making

1) Perfect Your Craft. You should approach your beat making the same way Edison did when he set out to create the light bulb. That is he was going to stick with it until he made it work no matter what. You need to eat and sleep beat making so that your skills get finely honed. The best in this game have thousands of beats they have created personally to draw on when they approach a project. You need to be on the same playing field just to have a chance.

2) Use The Best Tools. This is analogous to coming to a gun fight with a knife. You need to make sure you are giving yourself the best opportunity to be successful. That means until you are making enough so that studio time isn’t a big deal then you should be using the best desktop beat making software.

3) Hear It Then Create It. The beats you are looking to create should sound good in your head first. There is no reason at all for you to believe that if they don’t sound OK there that some magical software can fix it for you. You are creating the beats so that other people can add vocals to them. This means you should also have an idea of song structure. Put yourself in the shoes of someone attempting to use your rap instrumental beats, hip hop instrumental beats or some other musical genre. Can they use what you have created? Use Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S) when analysing your beats. If you have to explain a lot to a prospective user then your beat is probably not going to work. KISS it!

4) Do New Things. This means instead of always starting with the same ole framework or structure that you usually use doing something altogether different. You can of course use some of the structure you have developed with some beats you already like a lot. This is a way to get unstuck and actually creating something. But just don’t stop there. Keep pushing the envelope.

5) Love What You Do. Just remember at the end of the day if you love what you do all day you will never have to work a day in your life. It will also make it a lot easier to stick with in the beginning when you are still perfecting your niche and beat making abilities.

write by Enoch

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