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Sometimes life feels like a race, and it gets mundane after a while. Once in a while it is good to break out of routine, be spontaneous, do things we love and just live a little! This attitude goes a long way in leading a content life and it is this attitude that creators of Iron Fist want to nurture. This is why their shoes and merchandise speaks volumes about being a rebel.

Iron Fist started in San Diego, California, as an idea between two friends Mike and Travis who followed almost every aspect of street culture such as skateboarding, surfing, art and music. They decided to create this brand simply because they couldn’t find anything in the market that would match their zest for adventure. They broke through conventional designs and patterns through this brand, and ever since there’s been no looking back!

Shoes by Iron Fist are surely not for the ordinary person, but for a person who sets trends, not follows them. They sport some unusual artwork such as animal prints, tattoos of skulls and bones or roses and are unlike any street wear footwear that is available in stores today. These wild, eye-catchy designs add to its raw appeal and women who have a wild side to them are instantly drawn to these shoes.

You will never find footwear by Iron Fist in any single color. Their entire collection is an interesting mix of vivid colors and style patterns. They look like they’ve been splashed with a myriad of hues, that come together to form a wonderful piece of art. Unlike what most people would perceive these shoes are not specifically targeted at the punk or tattoo generation, but are instead for every woman who wants to discover a hidden, mystical part of herself.

All shoes by Iron Fist come with the promise of quality and use the highest grade of materials including leather, suede, fabric and vinyl. Even the sequins and beads used are tested for superiority and resistance. Moreover, these shoes are durable and can be worn for a number of occasions for years to come.

write by Grainne

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