Is ESP Real or An Illusion of the Mind?

Is ESP Real or An Illusion of the Mind?

Is ESP Real or An Illusion of the Mind?black t shirt

Extra Sensory Perception – is it real? We have five senses, plus we seem to know spatially where our body parts are at all times, call that a sixth innate sense we all have. So, is it possible to have other abilities as humans? This was recently a topic of conversation at our think tank, you see, nothing is off-limits, why limit our minds.

Recently, I was discussing this topic of ESP with a fellow think tanker and he asked; “What do you suppose is an explanation for such items as ESP in various forms and if you don’t answer BS right off, then, did you ever have an experience that you would attribute to ESP?”

Well, I think we all have at one point or another, some more than others, so there are probably folks that have ESP events happen often – that would be my guess. Indeed, I think some people, a small percentage have abilities that not everyone else has. I think there is a genetic component, and I am okay with about 1/2 of Rupert Sheldrake’s ascertains even if people call him a pseudo-whack-job scientist. I’ve enjoyed the MkUltra Project-like attempts to bring science into the equation, along with some of the Russian ‘remote viewing’ projects. In fact, I bet we could build a device to speak to minds using vibrational energies, deciphering brain-waves and electronic impulses along with various biorhythms to a high probability.

There should be a very simple explanation once we figure it out. Mothers and newborns communicate with bodily functions, so too it appears that animals do, birds etc. and we cannot explain it all away by virtue of reading body language. Further bacteria can do this, the bacteria can communicate on vibrational energy. If humans share the same bacteria, due to the same foods, chemicals in the brain, same culture, and similar gene expression, it stands to reason that there is subliminal underpinnings of communication even without getting into the shared-pairs of quantum mechanics although that could easily explain it.

Indeed, there is so much evidence that such things are possible, it’s hard to believe that science totally dismisses the notion as BS and their attempts to malign the focus on such research is questionable, as in; what are they afraid of? If it turns out it is BS, they win, but chances are we might unlock the reality to it all. That’s a good starting point for launching a dialogue on this. I just think there is a scientific explanation why some minds have at least a little bit extra in ability, even if they can only do it sometimes.

With regards to my own experiences, well in sports I can recall remarkable abilities and I wasn’t sure if I was controlling the situation and putting thoughts into other people’s heads or I was reading their minds, or if I just was so ‘in the zone’ that I put myself in their deer hunting hoodie and guessed, guessed right of course. I think sports, competition and high-stress situations, for instance life-and-death battles, war, hunting, being hunted might enhance it, and certain types of fear might help while other types of fear might detract.

Remember, I am not religious at all and I will not for one-minute give credit for these abilities to some super-natural religious line of crap. I’d like to know the science of why it works and how, then use it more, while being very careful what I wish for, right?!? How about you, email me with your thoughts on this topic.

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write by John Rogers

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