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San Antonio Shoes came into being when its owners Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden gave up their jobs in a shoe manufacturing business and set up shop themselves. Their main aim was never to compromise on quality, come what may. Thus started the saga of SAS shoes. They made every single shoe by hand with so much attention to comfort, detail and the material that went into the making of the shoes. They planned to make shoes that were ever so comfy that you wouldn’t want to take them off.

Soon word spread like wild fire, with each owner of a pair of SAS shoes telling their friends and in no time SAS became a synonym of shoes. The popularity that they are enjoying today is the result of three decades of hard work, devotion and the conviction that they must work harder to become better. Every step of the way the SAS team has made new clients and friends.

Shoes if not comfortable are a real problem, causing pain in the feet if they do not fit correctly. So when you go shopping for shoes ensure that you get a good and proper fit. Especially for those who use it for walking it is imperative that the shoes they wear be comfortable.

SAS women’s shoes are being used by many women who look for comfortable walking shoes and they are available in sizes that are usually not very easy to find. Fashion is not one of SAS’s fortes. They concentrate on comfort. They are designed for women who have to spend many hours in their shoes and they are perfectly suited for those who have bunions or other problems in their feet. But all the same they are not shoes that have been crafted for orthopedic use. The two main models that are most used by the women are the wedged heel lace-ups and the moccasins. They have a variety of shoes, sandals and sportswear that you can choose from.

Though the SAS shoes are pricey any woman would love to be the owner of at least one pair of SAS shoes. But the trouble is that if you buy one pair you are spoiled for it and will not be willing to compromise when you find the need for another pair.

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