It’s NOT About a Designer Label – It is About Personal Style!

It's NOT About a Designer Label - It is About Personal Style!

It's NOT About a Designer Label - It is About Personal Style!black t shirt

How You Present Yourself Speaks Loudly to Everyone Around You…

It’s true you know… How you dress speaks volumes about you. Not only about who you are, but also about how you feel about yourself. If you walk out the door wrinkled, clothes dingy looking or that don’t fit properly you best believe it will reflect on you. Is that fair? Yes, I think in many ways it is just reality. Even at my largest I am very aware of what I wear… Even more so than when I was much smaller. No matter what your size, you personal style mixed with the best choices for your body type can be a hugely positive asset for you; not only in business, but in your personal life as well.

Personally, I am quite short and carrying quite a lot of weight on my medium frame right now. I would be foolish not to dress without fully considering those factors. I wear mostly dresses and skirts because I don’t like the way I look in slacks or jeans. And I often wear either a long vest, jacket or light over-wrap with a long scarf to tie the colors together. I love purple so I probably too often have purple in my clothing. I don’t do white well (I get it dirty and feel huge in it) so I don’t wear anything mostly white. I like black so I often wear a black long skirt and top (or dress) and add colors from a jacket or scarf or other accessories to jazz it up. I wear more casual dresses with wedge type flip flop sandals for dress down or Saturdays, and a bit more dressed up with scarves etcetera with wedge heeled deer hunting hoodie for more business or a bit dressier mode. That’s me… I wear jewelry… Not big or bold costume type jewelry but lots of rings (usually 6) which my Mother has said more than a couple times was excessive lol. But that’s what feels “right” for me. My personal style, a genuine reflection of who I am. I wear a couple small sterling silver bracelets with genuine stones and one of two pair of sterling silver earrings, one tiny diamonds and one pair are amethyst. A sterling silver amethyst necklace completes my jewelry. When I was younger I wore lots of different jewelry to match various outfits; I don’t anymore. I stick with what I like, which for me, with exception of a couple earring choices equates to the same jewelry every day. For some that would be boring or stifle their style. My Mother for example has lots of jewelry sets; beautiful necklaces and earrings that compliment her outfits. That’s her personal style and it works beautifully for her. My point here is that not only is important to enhance your body type with the right type of clothes but to also make sure that how you present yourself in all ways (hair, jewelry, clothes, makeup and attitude…) speaks uniquely about who you genuinely are (or want to be).

Years ago I used to tell my (now adult) son that his handwriting “spoke” about who he was. A person’s clothing, makeup, hairstyle and just attention to how they walk out the door speaks loudly whether positively or negatively. Do you know what your personal style is? Does it work for you or are you hiding behind outdated clothes or sweats and t-shirts? For more fit folks it is typically easier to find appealing clothes that suit their style than it is for us larger body types. But ALL of us feel better when we know we look good! I shop the sales and have always been very budget conscience. There are lots of ways to find what works best for you and do it inexpensively! Stay tuned (look for a soon coming follow-up article) for some great tips, ideas and resources to identify what would be some good choices to consider along with meshing them in with your own personal “style”.

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