Julie Dodsworth Bedroom Set – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Julie Dodsworth, Strawberry Fair;Sunday BestWadding, 10cm x 45cmCoat hanger, woodenLavender, dried, 250gCushion pad, 50cm squarePolyester fillingButtons, medium, largeGlue stick or double-sided tape

Dimensions List

Coat hanger: 6cm x 44cmLavender bag: 12cm x 15cmSquare cushion: 45cm x 45cm

Make a coat hanger

Fold 10cm x 45cm of wadding in half lengthways and widthways, then snip a tiny hole in the centre. Slip the hole over the hook of a coat hanger and attach the wadding to the front and back of it with a glue stick or double-sided tape.

Cut 14cm x 60cm of Strawberry Fair print. Press a 1.5cm seam, turning along the top and bottom edges. Fold in half lengthways with right sides facing, and hem the two short ends by 6mm. Mark the centre front and back with pins.

Slip the fabric onto the hanger, matching the marker pins to the hook. Pin the folded front and back edges together from each corner to the hook. Sew together with small running stitches, from one end to the centre, and draw up the thread so it is the same length as half of the hanger. Gather up the fabric into pleats so it fits snugly over the wadding. Repeat for the other side.

Sew a lavender bag

Download the pattern and cut out. Cut one full heart and two back parts from Sunday Best print, making sure one back section is reversed. Pin the two backs together and sew along the centre seam, leaving the marked space unstitched. Press the seam allowance open.

Pin the front and back right sides together and stitch around the outside edge. Trim the seam allowance back to 3mm and clip into the fabric at the centre top. Turn right side out through the gap, ease out the seams and press. Use a teaspoon to fill the heart with dried lavender, then slip stitch the gap closed.

Fold a 4cm x 30cm strip of Strawberry Fair in half lengthways and stitch the edges together, leaving a 1.2cm seam allowance. Trim the seam to 4mm. Fix a safety pin to one end and feed through the tube to turn right side out. Sew the ends securely to the top of the back edge to make a hanging loop. Finish by stitching a button to the front.

Stich a square cushion

Lay out five 15cm squares of Sunday Best and four Strawberry Fair sections in a checker board style, placing Sunday Best at the corners and in the centre. Sew together in three rows of three, then topstitch each seam. Join the three rows to make a square and topstitch the long seams.

Join 5cm x 50cm border strips to the top and bottom edges and topstitch. Trim the ends, then add 5cm x 60cm strips to each side. Trim as necessary and topstitch the seams.

Cut two 35cm x 50cm back panels from Strawberry Fair and make a 1cm seam along one long edge of each. With right sides facing and raw edges matching, pin to the sides of the front panel so they overlap at the centre. Machine stitch around the edge, then clip the corners to reduce bulk. Turn right side out, ease the corners and press lightly. Insert a cushion pad.

Create a circle cushion

Sew five 18cm x 40cm Sunday Best sections and five 18cm x 40cm Strawberry Fair rectangles together along the long edges, alternating the fabric as you go. Topstitch each 1cm seam. Sew a 15cm x 162cm cotton strip to one long edge, join the short edges to make a cylinder and press.

Using a double length of sewing thread, gather the edge of the fabric strip and pull up tightly. Finish off securely. Fill the cushion cover with stuffing, spreading evenly around the tube. With another double length of thread, gather the top edge. Pick up a small amount of fabric at the end of each seam, pull up the thread and fasten securely.

Cut a circle of fabric, twice the diameter of a large button and gather the edge. Insert the button, pull up tightly and sew to the front. Pass the needle though the cushion to the back and thread through another large button. Return it to the front and secure the buttons with five long stitches, flatten close to the cushion.