Jump Starting Your Style For Men

Jump Starting Your Style For Men

Jump Starting Your Style For Menblack t shirt

I personally was never interested in “style”. Growing up, I thought that women were the ones in charge of the whole thing. My father, clueless about even matching his socks together, was directed in his everyday work and casual houston astros viking style hoodie by my mother. As a result, I thought style relied implicitly on women.

After leaving the nest at 18, I had a wardrobe stocked with polo shirts and other stuff purchased from the preppy racks of dept. stores, hence super conservative and super boring. I blindly accepted this way of dressing but eventually realized that looking exactly like the ads, or like everyone else for that matter, was not fashion or style.

Not much changed when I got married either, as there was a tendency for me to leave style behind in favor of mortgage payments, and Home Depot trips. I wore clothes that were comfortable, but not stylish. I had things like Levi’s, plaid shirts, a few suits that didn’t fit well and the like.

Years later, I was single again at 33. In being single, I recognized my wardrobe was long past due for a fashion overhaul. Just by looking around at my male contemporaries, I really needed to…. because they looked good! It was like I had created my own time warp…. so I made a resolution right then and there to learn the tricks of the fashionable trade.

My initial inspiration came from the women I dated, who gave me pointers of what not to wear! So I decided, why not take them shopping with me. I added more stylish jeans, better fitting shirts, and began to experiment with more bold colors and patterns. It went well, and I started to look good and feel good about the way I looked.

Up until this time, I had only taken advice from those around me. Now, I felt, it was time to consult the pros. So, I began searching out internet sites, books and magazines. Looking at pictures in fashion ads, men’s fashion shows, and reading articles on the subject opened up a whole new world for me. I began putting together elements from what I saw. I was mixing colors that I would have never combined before. At first, I kept it simple by adhering to the pictures. But then, I began mixing vintage, modern, and accessories… putting together unique things that I liked. It slowly started to become my own style. I titled my look, “Rock Star Semi Formal”- cool yet sharp, and it worked for me.

There’s a saying that “Women dress for themselves… and other women”. I began to think about this… especially when wearing my wine-colored velvet jacket, at parties or clubs. Other men would come right up to me and say, “Wow! That looks great dude!” I wasn’t dressing for other mens opinions, but the message was clear. What these men were really saying was, “I wish I could get my style together!”

Style, is a reflection of your taste, life, interests, personality, and body type. These are all aspects that are totally unique to you. Your style is inside you right now. Do you like the way you look? Do you look forward to getting dressed? If you’re as clueless as I was, but want to start your own style journey, read on. I will share with you what I have discovered about creating your own unique and distinguished style.

1> Check out fashion magazines. Some great ones are Details, GQ, and Esquire. Pick some up and see which one fits your life.

2> Make sure all houston astros viking style hoodie you wear fits you. A tailor can work miracles. Get all your measurements done, so you can order with confidence online. Stores like Men’s Warehouse or a tailor will be happy to do your measurements for free. Regardless of your size…. if it doesn’t fit, it looks like it doesn’t fit!

3> When shopping, take along a shopping buddy. Someone that looks great all the time and knows how to shop. Maybe a woman in your life, a girlfriend or sister can be a huge help. They know what looks sexy and stylish on men, and understand color better than we do…trust me. You can buy a hot sports car that’s has 400 hp and is car of the year….. but the first time a woman sees it… all she will say is, “Oh look… it’s red!” Enough said…

4> Remember that you DON’T have to have a million dollars to have style. Your style relies on your taste and creativity. Clothes and milwaukee brewers hawaiian shirt can be purchased at a discount, online, or in vintage stores. Online shopping is like having the whole world as your personal mall. I’ve pulled off interesting and stylish outfits for under a hundred dollars…including shoes. eBay is awesome for a diversity of deals and unique items.

5> Take risks. When putting together your personal style, try new things… always. You might be surprised with the results. Dress for you… not others.

6> Be sure to keep it age appropriate. A 50 year old man has a different life than a 20 year old. It looks just as weird if your dad dresses like you, as it would for you to dress like your grandpa!

7> Have fun and be original. Your appearance sends out a lot of messages. Make sure you’re sending the message about you and your personality.

8> Accessories complete your look. Neckwear, hats, belts and jewelry all play a part. It’s like icing on a cake…

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