Keep Your Car On The Move Over Winter

Keep Your Car On The Move Over Winter

Keep Your Car On The Move Over Winterblack t shirt

Winter is coming around again, and many motorists are beginning to stock up on essential items to keep in the car boot over the colder months. While a blanket, warm clothes, torch, flask and hi vis vest are all some of the first things you should pack, there are also some really handy travel products you should consider buying that will help to keep you moving when the snow and ice hits.

• Car Traction Tracks

A common suggestion you’ll hear over winter is to keep a bit of old carpet in the boot, which you can place under your wheels to get your car out of a particularly slippery spot. Even better however, are the ‘car traction tracks’ now available to buy. These useful plastic tracks are designed to provide maximum grip in snow, ice or mud, and even fold up compactly for storage when not in use.

• Snow Shovels

Ever had to dig your car out of a sudden snowfall in the freezing cold? Bet you wish you’d had a snow shovel handy then. There are loads of specially-designed snow shovels on offer, usually made out of plastic so that they’re light and portable, unlike a conventional garden spade. As well as being great for shifting snow from under the car, they’re also useful for clearing snow from your driveway, doorstep or garden.

• Snow Socks

Similar to the metal snow chains you’ll see wrapped around tyres in really cold countries like Switzerland or Canada, snow socks are designed to offer high grip and control on snowy surfaces. However, because they’re made out of fabric instead of metal, they are much lighter and less bulky. They are also very easy to fit as you can simply slip them over your tyre and they will automatically centre themselves as you drive.

Of course, there are times when the snow is so heavy that many people choose to leave the car at home and don’t risk going out on the roads. Local shops often benefit from this, as people will walk round to the local grocers instead of driving to a large supermarket to get their supplies in. However, this brings the risk of slipping over along the way – which is why you should consider buying a set of ice grips for shoes. These handy products simply slip over your footwear to give you much better grip on ice and snow.

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