Kids’ Cotton Sun Hat – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: poly-cotton, 150cm wide; 1m blue; 1m lime greenFusible interfacing, 1.5m

Dimensions List

Age: up to 5-6 years>Circumference: 56cm

Reversible sun hat

Print out the pattern pieces provided, and add a 1.5cm seam allowance to all sides (except those that lie on a fold line as marked). Pin the pieces onto the fabric and cut out. Separate your hat pieces by colour – green in one pile and blue in another. Iron the fusible interfacing to the blue set.

Working on the green set only: fold the 1.5cm seam allowance on the pockets under on all sides and press. Sew the top edge down first with a machine top stitch, then secure into place on the side of the hat with a long straight machine stitch, working along the bottom and sides of the pocket.

With right sides together, sew the short edges of the side piece together with a straight machine stitch. Pin and tack the crown into place along the top edge of the hat side, easing into place as you go. You may need to gather the side piece slightly to fit the two together. Sew into place with a straight machine stitch.. Pin, tack and sew the brim onto the bottom edge of the side.

Repeat steps three and four for the blue set of fabric pieces, so that you are left with two complete hat pieces (one green, one blue). Lay one inside the other, with right sides together. Stitch all pieces together around the edge of the brim, leaving a 2.5cm gap at the back of the hat for turning.

Turn right side out and press. Close up the gap in the brim neatly, by hand stitching. Work a line of machine top stitch around the brim, about 1cm from the join between the brim and the side panel. Once complete, reposition the work so that your machine foot is about 1cm outwards from the first round of stitches. Work another line of top stitch and repeat, sewing five in total to create consecutive circles of stitches around the brim.