Kids’ Felt Puppy Toys – Free sewing patterns


Felt sheets, variety of colouredEmbroidery threadToy stuffing

Dimensions List

Each toy 10.5cm approx

Plush Pup

Locate the template in the Sew Pull-Out Workbook. From one coloured piece of felt cut two large body shapes, six legs and two ears. From a contrasting colour cut two more leg pieces, two ears and two tails.

Join the corresponding sections. Match up leg pieces of the same colour and sew together with small running stitches, leaving the flat side open. Push stuffing into each leg so that it sits well down towards the end and the unsewn section is empty. Do the same for the tail piece.

Embellish the body. Use a pencil to sketch a name and some small heart shapes onto one body piece. Use three strands of bright coloured thread to embroider over the design in chain stitch or backstitch. Work some lazy daisies onto the contrasting colour ear pieces.

Create the head. Match up the embroidered ears with the plain ones. Use running stitch to sew each pair together and sew them to the centre of the head area of the body. Use chain stitch to sew a wide nose and two round eyes in the middle of the head.

Join the body sections. Place the embroidered body over the plain piece, stitched side upwards. Arrange the legs and tail around the body, sandwiching the open ends between the two layers of felt. Starting from the nose, pin in place and begin sewing together with running stitch.

Fill with stuffing. When you have only 4cm left to sew around the dog stuff the body and head with more toy filling. Push the stuffing well down inside the shape and sew up the gap in the head to finish.