Kids Superman Costumes on a Budget

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We all hold a special place in our hearts for the superheroes we watched on television and in movies as children. Therefore it should come as no surprise to find out that even today superhero costumes for Halloween are just as popular as ever. Even as new superheroes come on the scene, there is perhaps no superhero loved and adored more than Superman.

What is it that makes this crimson and blue costume seem so magical? It’s possible that we think in some ways we can be like Clark Kent, putting on the Superman costume and heading out to save the world. During Halloween, adults, teens, and children can transform their mild-mannered selves into superheroes. Many do that by donning the familiar red cape and “S” logo on their chest, just like Superman! How can you make your kids superman costumes without spending a fortune? Read on.

Luckily the Superman costume itself is pretty simple to replicate. The basic structure of the kids superman costume is a red cape on top of a blue shirt and blue tights outfit. For the shoes, Superman wears long red boots. In some Superman costumes, there is a red over-garment layered over the blue tights. All of these things are fairly simple to find cheaper alternatives when creating your Halloween costume.

You can make your superman cape out of any red fabric. A hemmed tablecloth or sheet is perfect for this part of the outfit. Tuck the ends of the tablecloth into the collar of the blue shirt and pin or sew to hold in place. For the blue shirt, any cotton or cloth shirt will do. One without zippers or buttons is preferable. You can make the “S” logo to identify your little superhero out of red and gold felt pieces. This is the part that takes a little bit of creativity. Find a logo sample from the Internet and trace one onto the felt. Sew or glue in place to the shirt. You can also use fabric paint if you are feeling artistic!

Fasten a yellow belt with a big circular belt buckle, or fold and tie a length of gold or yellow fabric or felt, to the waist. Then, blue cloth pants or even blue jeans can be worn for the tights. To complete the look, red underwear or shorts are a must! Kids Superman costumes are just as popular today as they were when we were children but with money tight many budgets are looking for ways to save on Halloween costumes this year. Use these tips to help your kid really feel like Superman this year.

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