Knee High Socks and Blake Lively

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Making a comeback in a big way is the Knee High or over the knee sock. It is a fashion trend that has been brewing for some time now but it seems no that the time is right and we’ve reached the tip of the bell curve.

The responsibly for the resurgence if the knee high has been laid by many at the feet of Blake Lively. The spry blonde bombshell’s character in Gossip Girl first drew attention to them wearing them as part of her uber fashionable make shift school uniform in a Britney, ‘Hit Me Baby’ throw back.

Thus cementing Gossip Girl’s place as the new Sex and the City. Women not only seeing these characters as relatable human beings but also and maybe even more importantly (from a commercial point of view) as fashion icons.

Over the past year leading into fall all kinds of retailers have noticed the trend and gone full steam ahead. American Apparel of course has a huge range of colors and you be hard pushed to find one that doesn’t go with your outfit. Although I would warn, there is an easy opportunity to get this look wrong. Look for darker shades, air on the side of classy, don’t go for outrageous eye catching designs. It is that subtle bit of leg showing that should catch the eye not your bright pink knee highs with the swirling white patterns.

In all Gossip girl got the look just right subdued, classy. Maybe go for a more layer look on the top. Don’t show too much chest. Chest and leg makes you look one thing, and it isn’t classy.

write by Edsel

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