Kris Allen Biography

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The Kris Allen Biography is just now being told. Nobody really thought that the American Idol performer would seize the Season 8 crown away from Adam Lambert (who, incidentally was his roommate in the Idol Mansion). But, in a classic, understated performance, he did.

Allen, who is from Conway, AR., tried out for the show because his younger brother Daniel made him. He had been singing from early childhood but became serious about it when he was 13. He never had any formal training aside from choir classes in school.

He was born in Jacksonville, AR on June 21, 1985. He played the viola in his high school orchestra and was honored with a place on the all state orchestra as well. He also plays the piano, the guitar and the ukulele.

His 2007 self produced album was called Self Made Shoes.

One important factor in the Kris Allen biography is that he is a devout Christian. He has been active in student ministries and was the worship leader at New Life Church in Maumelle, AR. He has also gone on mission trips around the world including short stints in South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Burma and Mozambique.

He married long time girlfriend Katy O’Connell Allen on September 26, 2008. He says his marriage was the proudest moment of his life. He says his personal goals are to make good music and be a good husband.

He prefers larger audiences and gets shy and prefers not to sing in front of very small groups. His professional dream is to play to an audience of 100,000.

His musical influences include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Garth Brooks.

The one physical thing he would change about himself is to have chest hair. Besides singing, he enjoys playing all kinds of sports.

And that is the Kris Allen biography.

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