Ladies Golf Club Covers Keep Fashion at the Forefront

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Increasingly, women are realizing the fun and challenge of playing a game of golf. Many manufacturers are beginning to cater to a woman’s particular needs for clothing, shoes, and accessories. It is only natural, then, that there are special ladies’ golf club covers offered by a variety of companies such as Nike and Adidas.

The choice of color, style, and patterns in ladies’ golf club covers is nearly limitless. Female golfers can take their fashion sense out on the golf course by finding the perfect set of covers for their clubs.

A Great Selection Online

The internet is one of the best places to find the greatest selection of ladies’ golf club covers. Such websites as Hundreds of Ladies Covers For Fun offer a myriad of designs and even licensed characters such as Winnie the Pooh. is another site offering ladies’ golf club covers which are a bit more subdued. They resembled the same covers made for men but in more feminine colors and fabrics.

Make Your Own

If you are a crafty type, you may want to make your own ladies’ covers for the ultimate in personalization. These are the basic instructions for sewing a set which will be uniquely your own.

One cover will require about half a yard of cloth. The material can be anything you wish, but keep in mind its ability to withstand weather and sun. Heavier fabrics will hold up better. You will also need matching thread, a zipper and a sewing machine if you prefer not to sew by hand.

Start by measuring the head of your golf club including the width and the length to the area on the shaft where you want the cover to end. For a more fitted look on this ladies’ cover, make additional measurements and draw a pattern on a piece of paper which follows the dimensions. Start at the widest part of the head of the golf club, down to the next widest section, and finally at the place where the head meets the shaft.

Trace your pattern on the cloth and cut it out twice, so you have two pieces. Sew together the insides and add a zipper, if you desire. Stitch a quick hem then turn it right side out.

Whether you choose to buy a set ready made or sew your own, finding ladies’ golf club covers which ideally suit your personality should be easy.

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