Ladies, You Don't Need to Put Extenders in Your Bras

Ladies, You Don't Need to Put Extenders in Your Bras

Being in the underwear or lingerie industry has opened my eyes to problems ladies have with their under wear or, more specifically, the bras they wear!

Almost every day, one of my customers tells me that they wear bra size “such and such”, but they usually buy “some other size” and put an extender in it!

This is absolutely amazing, so it is important that ladies are educated on how to get a bra that fits them correctly – without having to use an extender.

For those of you who don’t know how to get a bra that fits perfectly, your bra should fit comfortably around your body. The same size as your shirts is a general guide (although there are people who disagree with this). Then, get the cup size to fit. This works best if you stick with the same brand of bra as different brands fit differently.

You may have to do this again when you try another brand.

There is very little difference in the sizing of each bra – in fact it is just millimetres. So, change your cup size, brand and style until you get a perfect fit. There are bras for every size and shape.

Most online underwear businesses now have a page dedicated to helping you find the size bra that you need. Use this to help you to find the size you need. If you need help to work out your size, find a website for help. But remember it is a guide only!!

By using these guides to finding the correct bra size for you, you should begin to get a bra that actually fits and feel comfortable. Ladies, you really don’t need to put extenders in your bras if you get the size that is for you!

write by Viva