If you’re looking for a star in the media today that is really making a bold statement, most people will point you right to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga clothes alone are quite unique, but she pairs them with wild wigs, makeup, and those world famous Lady Gaga glasses to create a look that is truly all her own. You never really know what she will come out wearing next, but you can bet that it will be turning some heads. If you aren’t a pop star, this look might seem a bit too far stretched for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let Lady Gaga inspire you to push the boundaries a bit. Here are some things you may learn from Lady Gaga’s style.

One major lesson you can learn from Lady Gaga clothes is to not be afraid of bold colors. A lot of us are stuck in the brown and black phases of fashion, but Lady G helps show that bright blue, red, yellow, and more can all be accepted if you play it off right. Sure a lime green jump suit might not be suitable for work, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t wear a sexy red skirt as long as you pull it off tastefully. It’s all a matter of balancing class with uniqueness to create a one of a kind look all your own.

Lady G’s clothes are almost always paired with some sort of unique accessory that differs from what most would expect to see. Big sunglasses or large sun hats are regular additives to Lady G’s wardrobe, and you could pull inspiration from that to use in your own attire. You might tone down the size of the accessories, but you should try to think outside the box still. Maybe you want to wear a small belt around the waist or a pair of more than high heels. It’s all up to you.

You can actually buy Lady Gaga clothes, but those are usually in the form of a t- beamng with the star’s face on it or a purse with some lyrics on the side. Buying some of Gaga’s bold outfits might actually be impossible because they are so iconic. However, keep your eyes wide open as she may be bringing out her own brand of glasses and not just sunglasses it wont be long before prescription glasses are on her menu of fashion items. For now all you can do is watch her music videos and continue listening to her music for inspiration to add in your closet. Back up a bold look with some pop star confidence and you should be set.

write by gomez