Las Vegas Haunted Tour: A Frightful Delight!

Las Vegas Haunted Tour: A Frightful Delight!

Las Vegas Haunted Tour: A Frightful Delight!black t shirt

What is there to say about Las Vegas that has not already been said? Well for one, perhaps that aside from the flashing lights of the endless amount of casinos and hotels all clamoring for your attention is the little known world of haunted Vegas tours.

Las Vegas, Nevada turns out to be quite a haunted destination within the United States among those in the know. Now, the public has the opportunity to take a break from the traditional Las Vegas shows and participate in something uncommon and exciting, such as a Haunted Vegas Tour!

Conceived by Las Vegas comedian and entertainer Robert Allen, the tour operation was designed after consulting a paranormal historian, in addition to the author of Haunted Nevada. With the help of these two experts, Allen was able to map some of the best haunted destinations, out of 21 just in the city of Las Vegas alone, to give the tour attendants a good spook!

While on the tour, one of the most popular stops is the “motel of death,” Vegas’ famed spot where several celebrities have taken their last breath. Another haunted spot includes the home of a Vegas legend where exorcisms were not only common, but where haunting still occurs. Rapper Tupac Shakur, Comedian Redd Foxx, and Musician Liberace are all featured on the itinerary as well!

Not only has founder Robert Allen built a thrilling Las Vegas travel itinerary for disturbing locations, he also has put together a list of compelling guides to entertain guests while visiting the spooky spots. The list includes a known magician that has performed for heiress Paris Hilton, another comedian like Allen himself, Weird Nevada author Skylaire Alfvegren, and most disturbingly, a professional mortician and embalmer.

Bugsy Siegel’s ghost, a favorite stop on the trip, takes visitors to a location where it has been reported numerous times that the ghost of the mobster has been spotted. Siegel, credited with being the cause behind the development of Las Vegas, along with the title of infamous American mobster, is said to be remaining in the same city he helped put on the map!

The Haunted Vegas Tour will be two and a half of the scariest yet most interesting hours you have ever spent on any vacation! However, to enjoy the experience, you have to either be 18 years old, or over 13 and accompanied by an adult. The tour operators also encourage everyone to bring recording equipment in order to catch anything that may occur on camera for their website!

If celebrities and motels are not your thing, sit tight for what many say is their favorite part of the tour; the walk through a frighteningly haunted Las Vegas public park. Many previous attendants have experienced extraordinary events as well as mysterious “orbs” of light in the park. Past photos are on display on the Haunted Vegas Tours website.

According to legend, the park has seen its fair share of gruesome murders and because of it, bizarre things have occurred signifying turbulence. As seen on the websites photo gallery, there are also video documentations of supernatural happenings which almost guarantee a sighting if you were ever to visit one of the best of Las Vegas’ attractions!

You may feel cold spots throughout the Las Vegas park so it is recommended to come prepared with comfortable walking new york yankees hoodie and a jacket to help keep the chills to a minimum!

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