Lawyers, When Was the Last Time You Stepped Into Your Client’s Shoes?

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When did you last step into the shoes of your lay client and view your law firm’s website through their eyes? You may look at your firm’s website once a month, once a week or five times a day but are you actually taking in what you see as your prospective lay clients see it? Are you being objective enough? Consider these five tips to ensure that the content of your website is working to its maximum potential and converting those visitors into new clients!

1. Focus on quality and quantity. This may be a big ask, but there is no point in having lots of articles on your site that are of no interest – or are even irrelevant – to your prospective lay clients. Similarly, there is little point in putting up one or two great, client-focused articles on your site and then abandoning the idea due to lack of time or lack of enthusiasm.

2. Recognise the needs of the specific clients you are wishing to attract. Step into their shoes and ask yourself what you would really want to know if you had just been injured in a car accident, had just separated from your wife or were weighing up the pros and cons of moving house. As a lawyer you may be interested in the wider implications of changes to the law relating to these areas (and you will undoubtedly go on to explain these changes and implications to your client at a later date) but initially your client will simply be looking for immediate, jargon-free information which answers the questions that are most pressing to them at the time.

3. Keep the momentum going – keep the content coming. So many law firms have clearly recognised the importance of having an ‘articles’ section on their website but after the initial attempt at drafting one or two client based articles, enthusiasm for the idea wanes and time is spent on, what are perceived to be, more important matters. Either nominate someone at your firm to write the articles on a regular basis or instruct a legally qualified freelance writer to do it for you.

4. Make the information on your website immediately accessible. Again, do not go to the effort of drafting wonderful, jargon-free client based articles if your visitor then has to search around your site for 5 minutes before they find what they are looking for. The reality is that if your visitor does not find the answer to their question, or information relevant to their enquiry, within a minute of visiting your site, they will move onto your competitor.

5. Make it easy for your visitor. At the end of each of your client based articles make sure your visitor is only a click away from being able to contact you for more information or even to instruct you!

You may have a fantastic SEO company working for you who are ensuring that your firm remains high up in the search engines results, but if you don’t have any interesting content on your website when your visitors arrive, then surely this is akin to walking into Tesco and finding that the shelves are all empty! Do not give your potential new clients any reason to have to go and search elsewhere for the answers they are looking for.

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