Layering Winter Jumpers and Cardigans With Modern Style

Layering Winter Jumpers and Cardigans With Modern Style

Layering Winter Jumpers and Cardigans With Modern Style

As the cold winds start to blow in Australia, it is time to pull out the winter jumpers and cardigans. If you live in the northern hemisphere, summer can also bring cold nights (and sometimes cold days) when a light cardigan or jumper is called for.

Your first thoughts may be about buying something new. That is okay.

I have recently noticed some new ideas for stylish ways that Baby Boomers can layer their winter jumpers and cardigans so that you can look modern rather than dowdy. You may still have to buy new items but they will be cheaper options that extend and revitalise your current clothes. Many women underestimate the versatility of the clothes already hanging in their wardrobe.

Here for you now are my three new pieces of fashion advice for layering your winter jumpers and cardigans with modern style and flair.

Grandpa Makes a Statement

I noted a fashion tip in the June 2013 issue of the Australian Weight Watchers magazine. They were actually showcasing the V neck jumper but it was the grandpa viking polo shirts under it that attracted my attention.

The model from the magazine was shown wearing a slightly wider V neck milwaukee brewers hawaiian busch light plaquenilhydrochlor . Under it was a grandpa viking polo shirts that was unbuttoned to below the jumper’s V front. The full extent of the unbuttoning is not seen and the open space creates a second slimming V shape as well as room to add a statement necklace. A short necklace is better here than a long necklace. Any round neck or open T- viking polo shirts would work as the necklace could be under or on top of it. As you are only showing a small bit of the T- viking polo shirts or viking polo shirts , the white colour on the model will work for everyone even if white is not your best colour.

What a Difference a Belt Makes

I write quite a bit about belts because they are being worn in ways today that make them a modern classic. Stop saying that your waist has expanded. Get over it and embrace narrow belts with a difference.

I have a picture of two models wearing the same Butterick pattern 5760 which features a simple round neck and front-buttoned cardigan. One model is wearing the cardigan unbuttoned which is a classic way that can easily look dowdy. The other model is wearing the same cardigan with only the centre button done up. Over the cardigan she is wearing a narrow belt with a wide, open, ring-shaped buckle. The buckle is your modern styling secret. Because it is metal and open, it breaks up the width of your belt. The result is that your waist looks smaller. This type of belt is a dressing magician. You can wear it over jackets or any cardigans for the same effect. Look in your favourite stores or go to the Chicos website where you will find four similar belts.

Three-Quarter Magic

I am a fan of three-quarter sleeves. They are so versatile. As well as being a modern classic, they slim you because the lower part of your arm is always its slimmest part. Plus, three-quarter sleeves are perfect for tropical climate winters and cool summer evenings anywhere in the world.

Basic V neck wool knit cardigans worn over classic centre-buttoned shirts can make you feel old-fashioned and dowdy. Even when you leave part of the cardigan unbuttoned to the waist, it is still aging. A strong statement necklace may lift it a little. A better option is to wear a just below the elbow or three-quarter sleeve, modern cardigan as I saw last year on the Coldwater Creek website. Under the model’s light grey cardigan she was wearing a soft white or cream skivvy. Her sleeves were pushed up a little bit to reveal her slim arms. The loose and slightly open neckline looked more modern than the old-style skivvies that are tight-fitting at the neck. Her necklace was a darker grey and came to just above bust height. It all gave an impression of openness.

Tip – If your hair is greying, choose a light grey or silver cardigan. Mid-grey and dark grey, when worn on your upper body, adds years to your look. An off-white or cream skivvy worn with light grey is an unusual combination that works very well.

Last Words

The draped cardigan is still modern and in fashion. For a change, take another look in your wardrobe to see if you can adapt any of these three pieces of styling advice. Otherwise, go buy a grandpa viking polo shirts , new belt or a loose neck skivvy to revitalise your existing winter jumpers and cardigans.

write by Mortimer

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