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Lazy daisy stitch has just the right tone to its name to set you up for some relaxing embroidery.  This stitch is very uncomplicated and an easy variation of the chain stitch.  The Lazy Daisy is known as a detached chain stitch so if you can master chain stitch then Lazy Daisy is really an abridged form of this.

 Lazy Daisy Stitch PinLazy Daisy Stitch


Lazy Daisy StitchWhat is Lazy Daisy Stitch?Chain Stitch vs Lazy Daisy StitchHow to Do Lazy Daisy StitchSuppliesBefore You StartStep 1 – Enter NeedleStep 2 – BaseStep 3 – First PetalStep 4 – Secure PetalStep 5 – RepeatTips for Sewing Lazy Daisy StitchLazy Daisy Stitch VariationsLazy Daisy Stitch – In ConclusionMORE EMBROIDERY STITCHES

Lazy Daisy Stitch

What is Lazy Daisy Stitch?

The lazy daisy stitch is a lovely ‘garden’ stitch useful for leaves and flowers. It is made from loops anchors at the top. They can be separated or touching in the center. So if you love gardens and greenery sit back and try this very relaxed, but creative embroidery stitch. The flowers can be large or small and can have varied numbers of petals.

Chain Stitch vs Lazy Daisy Stitch

Lazy daisy petals are made from single chain stitches. Instead of being stitched in a row as is the chain stitch, lazy daisy stitches are placed individually around a center to form flowers. The lazy daisy is also called a detached chain stitch.

 Lazy Daisy Stitch  Lazy Daisy Stitch PinLazy Daisy Stitch

How to Do Lazy Daisy Stitch


HOOP – The lazy daisy stitch like most embroidery is best done on a hoop to hold the fabric tight and to prevent wrinkles and pulling in your flowers. THREAD – Use a thick thread that doesn`t split. I used embroidery floss with all the six strands. At this thickness, I used a single-threaded needle (thread not doubled over).NEEDLES – Use an embroidery thread suitable for the fabric you are using. If you have any problems threading the thick thread, use a needle threader to make your life much easier.

Before You Start

EMBROIDERY BASICS – If you are new to embroidery and hand sewing, have a read of my article on how to embroider. This will go through some of the basic stitches and supplies to get you started. Embroidery is a relatively cheap hobby and immensely satisfying.

SIZE OF FLOWER – You can make a lazy daisy stitch flower with as many petals as you would like. My little sampler had 8 petals but 4, 5 or 6 work equally well.

DRAWING GUIDE – I find it useful to draw the flower shape on my fabric before I start, in order to get a nice symmetrical embroidery. I drew the actual flower shape but this can be simplified by just drawing the straight spokes like a wheel. Use a lead pencil for your tester samples but once you start a new project, switch to a removable fabric pen so any lines will not be visible.

You can make the circle in the center and the petals as large as you like but be aware that really large flowers are likely to have the threads snag more easily. Once you have done a few flowers, you will find that a drawing guide is unnecessary.

Step 1 – Enter Needle

Bring the needle up from underneath at the base of one of the petals at (1). The center of the flower can be as big or small as you like. I have a fairly open center.

If you want a smaller center then bring the needle up closer to the center.

lazy daisy step 1lazy daisy step 1PinLazy Daisy Stitch – Outline

Step 2 – Base

Insert the needle next to (1) at the base of the other side of the petal at (2).

There should be a small gap between (1) and (2).

Lazy Daisy Stitch - Step 2Lazy Daisy Stitch - Step 2PinLazy Daisy Stitch – Step 2

Step 3 – First Petal

Bring the needle out at 3 which is the tip of the petal.

IMPORTANT: Wrap the thread under the tip of the needle.

Lazy Daisy Stitch - Step 3Lazy Daisy Stitch - Step 3PinLazy Daisy Stitch – Step 3

Step 4 – Secure Petal

Put the needle down on the other side of the loop at (4) and come up at (5) which is the base of a new petal.

The thread that goes over from (3) to (4) will hold down the tip of your petal loop.

 Lazy Daisy Stitch - Step 4 - First Petal Lazy Daisy Stitch - Step 4 - First PetalPinLazy Daisy Stitch – Step 4 – First Petal

Step 5 – Repeat

Now just repeat as you go all the way around the flower. You can see that my center is quite large so I can add some knots for a pop of color. You can make your center really small and unnoticeable. This flower is also quite large so it is easier to see detail. For smaller flowers the petals and center blend in a lot more. Like most sewing, there is no right or wrong, just personal preference.

Finished Lazy Daisy StitchFinished Lazy Daisy StitchPinFinished Lazy Daisy Stitch

Each detached chain or Lazy Daisy will start separately according to the flower design of your choice.

These little flowers look great with some French knots in a contrasting color in the center. You can also add some stems with a backstitch or stem stitch.

 Lazy Daisy Stitch  Lazy Daisy Stitch PinLazy Daisy Stitch

Tips for Sewing Lazy Daisy Stitch

ROUNDED PETALS – Don`t pull the long threads too tight or you will close up your petal. Get nicely rounded petals by leaving the loops loose. You can see in my hot pink sample photo above that if you pull the petals tight, the stitches anchoring them at the end is more visible. This is not necessarily good or bad but just personal preference. QUALITY THREAD – Use a piece of embroidery floss or thread that doesn`t split as the petals will start to look messy like my blue one below.Lazy Daisy StitchLazy Daisy StitchPinLazy Daisy Stitch

Lazy Daisy Stitch Variations

Lazy Daisy Stitch – In Conclusion

That is the simplicity of the Lazy Daisy stitch.  Using the chain stitch pattern, you can create all kinds of flower petals long and short, full or widely spaced.  It is a lovely simple stitch that looks stunning in any embroidered garden.

Here are more stitches suitable for making embroidery flowers.

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