Learn How to Jump Higher Using Vertical Jumping Techniques

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Vertical Jumping is how high any individual can elevate off the ground from a standstill.

Vertical jumping is primarily used in athletic circles. The most common sports where vertical jumping techniques are used are Basketball, Track and Field, Baseball, Football and Volleyball. A vertical jump of 40 inches or more is widely considered outstanding and some athletes have even recorded vertical jumps at over 50 inches, which is very rare.

A good way to increase your vertical leap is through repetition. Repetition builds muscle memory so that jumping becomes more natural to the athlete. Repeated jumping builds up the quadriceps, which are the base muscles in the legs which are used in order to jump higher.

Many people believe that to increase your vertical jump you will have to dedicate several hours of gruesome training, almost everyday of the week. This is actually quite the opposite of the truth, training for more than one hour and more than 5 days per week can actually be detrimental to your jumping progress.

The recommended exercise time is usually set to a maximum of 1 hour, due to the fact that your body would have used up most of its glucose energy stores by that point. After that time, your body will begin to use other body resources like fat and probably even muscle tissue. It would be advisable to try to spread your workouts throughout the week, and take one day off between workouts to allow for maximum recovery. Also, your training cycles should last a maximum of 16 weeks with a 1 week break before the next one begins. Most athletes find that their vertical jumps show better improvement during that one week rest period, just by allowing sufficient recovery time of the muscle tissue. The key components required in vertical jumping are jump height, and coordination. Jump height is determined by how much leg strength you have, your ability to apply that leg strength quickly, your ability to absorb force, and how agile you are when you move.

This style of jumping can improve athletic ability in all areas. In Basketball, an improved vertical explosion can increase a players rebounding and scoring stats. In Track and Field, jumping is often how a competitor is judged. In Baseball, an improved vertical can increase defensive abilities in the outfield. In Volleyball, a good vertical can produce some devastating slams. As far as Football is concerned, vertical jumping ability is important for receivers, and defensive-linemen who try to block field goals and forward passes. An improved vertical will give you an overall increase in quickness. If you improve your vertical, you are sure to improve upon your overall level of performance as well.

This technique is not just good for athletes; every individual should find a way to improve their jump just for the health benefits alone. One of those benefits is the fact that an improved vertical ascension often correlates to a much leaner and stronger core. There are a wealth of studies that have linked the strength and fitness of the midsection with the overall levels of health and life expectancy. By improving your vertical jump you are building leg strength. This leg strengthening can and will help your overall level of balance and posture.

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