Learn to Sew Online – Best Starting Place for Beginners

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Do you want to learn to sewonline? Deciding to try and learn a new skill can be a daunting decision, and sewing is no exception. In this tutorial, I will show you the best tools and tutorials to start learning to sew online, whether you are looking for a new hobby or business venture.

learn to sew onlinePinLearn to Sew Online


Learn to Sew Online TutorialWhy Learn to Sew Online?Where to Start to Learn to Sew Online for Beginners1. Do you have any sewing equipment? 2. Do you have a sewing machine? 3. Do you know how to set up your sewing machine? 4. Can you read a sewing pattern instruction? Learn to Sew Online – Basic Sewing TechniquesLesson #1 – How to Sew a SeamLesson #2 – How to Sew a HemLesson #3 – How to Finish SeamsLesson #4 – How to GatherPopular Learn to Sew Online TopicsLearn to Sew FabricsLearn to Sew Online Intermediate SubjectsLearn to Sew Online with Free ProjectsEasy Free Tutorials From My BlogLearn to Sew Online with VideoLearn to Sew Online – Hand SewingLearn to Sew Online QuiltingMore Quilt BlocksLearn to Sew Online FAQsCan I teach myself to sew?How do Beginners Learn to Sew?Can you teach yourself to sew online?Learn to Sew Online – In Conclusion

Learn to Sew Online Tutorial

When you are trying to learn to sew online, challenging thoughts will flash through your mind:

How will you begin?What tools will you need?Will you understand all the instructions?Will it be worthwhile?

Well, the answer to all these last two questions is an outright – YES.

The learn to sewonline tutorials on this blog are free, and each step of the way is paved with great sewing tutorials, amazing visuals, and all the right guidelines from start to finish.

Why Learn to Sew Online?

Learn to sew online, and you will be introduced to a whole world of new techniques and a hobby that will satisfy the designer in you. 

Learning to sew online gives you the advantage of learning at your own pace. Added to that, you can check on what you have covered anytime.

One of the biggest advantages of learning to sew online over in-person sewing lessons is the cost. Most online tutorials are free, making it a very attractive way to learn. All the tutorials on this blog are absolutely free.

The online courses and lessons are clearly set out with really simple, visual instructions. Learning to sew dresses, homewares, quilts, and children`s clothing will soon become second nature to you. One of the biggest reasons people like to learn to sew online is to make their own clothes.

Guides to sewing equipment, tools, and fabrics are a click away for easy reference. The beginner basics, covering learn to sew online, are presented as individual topics, and that makes an easy reference for every sewer. As your experience grows so you can experiment with more advanced techniques.

learn to sew onlinelearn to sew onlinePinLearn to Sew Online

Don’t be fooled by some of the jargon. Basting and lettuce hems are not extracts from a cookery book. Machine feet will get you walking towards some interesting shortcuts on the road to becoming a confident sewer. If there are any terms on this page that you are not sure of, refer to my article on sewing terms for definitions.

A free learn to sew online blog is a wonderful gift to give yourself. No need to spend a cent! This is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Where to Start to Learn to Sew Online for Beginners

I think the hardest part sometimes is knowing where to start to learn to sew. Answer some of these questions to find the best section to learn to sew. If the answer is yes, skip to the next question.

1. Do you have any sewing equipment?

If yes, skip to #2. If your answer is no, then read these:

When you want to learn to sew online, you will need to start by putting together a basic sewing kit. Save money by buying kits with a few of these tools bundled together.

Beginners Sewing Kit on a Budget – Find out the basic supplies to purchase for your first sewing kit. Cutting Tools – This article will go through the best tools to cut fabric and threads. At a minimum, you will need a pair of fabric shears, a cheap pair of scissors for cutting paper, and a seam ripper. Marking Tools – When sewing, you often need to mark the fabric. When you learn to sew online, just a simple tailor`s chalk pencil is usually enough to get you started. Measuring Tools – When starting, just an ordinary ruler and tape measure will do. Sewing Machine Needles – Buy an assorted packet of universal needles as an all-purpose set. These normally come in a packet with a needle threader. Sewing Machine Feet – Most machines come with a few already. The most used sewing presser foot will be your all-purpose straight sewing foot. Hand Sewing Needles – Sizes and Type Guide. At the very least, you will need a packet of assorted sizes. Sewing Thread Types – Choose the best thread type for your project. Don`t be tempted to buy a cheaper thread as they tend to tangle more easily and may break in your machine. Some of my favorite brands include Gutterman, Coats, and Rasant. Dressmaker Dummy – This is not strictly necessary if you are just learning. This article goes through the types to buy if you want to set up a business or will be sewing regularly. I go through the differences between fixed, adjustable, and professional dress forms. Pressing Tools – You will need an iron. When sewing, items need to be pressed along the way with an iron. Pressing for sewing is different from ironing your clothing, and you will need a firm ironing board.

Sewing ToolsSewing ToolsPinLearn to Sew Online – Tools Needed

2. Do you have a sewing machine?

If yes, skip to #3. If your answer is no, then read these:

If you wish to learn to sew online you will need a sewing machine. This might be a new machine, a used machine, or even one you have borrowed to test out a new hobby.

Best Sewing Machine – This article will go through suggestions for the best machine for your budget, whether that is big or small. Types of Sewing Machine – The main types of sewing machines include mechanical, computerized, and industrial. How to Buy a Used Sewing Machine – If your budget doesn`t stretch to a new machine, here are some tips for buying a second-hand one. Remember to always plug it in and test sewing on a scrap of fabric before you hand over your money. Sewing Machine Brands – Read this article if you would like to know the best sewing machine brands to buy.Sewing Machine vs Serger vs Coverstitch – Which machine is right for you? Really when you first learn to sew, all you need is a sewing machine. A serger is a supplementary machine that will finish edges but is not strictly necessary. This article will explain the differences and help you look to the future. Sewing Machine Manuals – Just in case yours didn`t come with one. I give you links to most of the major manufacturers so you can try and get a copy of your lost manual.

Learn to Sew Online MachinesLearn to Sew Online MachinesPinLearn to Sew Online Machines

3. Do you know how to set up your sewing machine?

If yes, skip to #4. If your answer is no, then read these:

Once you have your supplies and sewing machine, it is time to thread the machine and wind the bobbin. You should also check the sewing machine tension before you start.

How to Wind a BobbinHow to Thread a Sewing MachineUsing a Sewing MachineHow to Use a SergerSewing Machine Tension

4. Can you read a sewing pattern instruction?

If yes, skip to the next section. If your answer is no, then read these:

Before you start the actual sewing part of the process, you will probably need to be able to understand some of the instructions and terms in your pattern.

Sewing Notches – These little triangles help you put together the sewing pattern and will need to be cut out correctly.How to Cut Fabric – This article will show you how to lay out your pattern pieces and cut the fabric ready for sewing. What is Selvage, Grain and Bias? Read about some common sewing terms.How to Print PDF Patterns – PDF patterns are extremely popular and can be downloaded and printed at home.

Learn to Sew Online – Basic Sewing Techniques

Ok, now we are up to the fun part, the actual sewing! Here are the 3 basic techniques you should learn first.

How to Sew a SeamHow to Sew a HemFinishing Seams

Lesson #1 – How to Sew a Seam

Learning how to sew a seam is the first thing you will need to learn online. Nearly all sewing projects have seams, and this is one of the very basic sewing skills. There are various types of seams, but this straight seam will be your most used one.

Put your 2 pieces of fabric with the right sides together. The raw edges should be matching. Pin the seam. Put the seam under your sewing machine presser foot so that the needle lines up with the seam allowance. Hold the threads tight at the back of the foot for the first couple of stitches, then let go and stitch the rest of the seam. Don`t forget to remove the pins and not sew over them. Open up the seam and press it open.

Learn to Sew Online - Sewing SeamsLearn to Sew Online - Sewing SeamsPinLearn to Sew Online – Sewing Seams

Lesson #2 – How to Sew a Hem

Most clothing items will have a hem. The most popular and easiest type of hem is the double-fold hem.

Here is how to sew a ½ inch double fold hem:

On the wrong side of the item, press up the hem by ½ inch (12mm). Press up the edge again by ½ inch (12mm). Stitch along the top fold of the hem in a straight line. Press the hem again.

Learn to Sew Online - Double Fold HemLearn to Sew Online - Double Fold HemPinLearn to Sew Online – Double Fold Hem

Lesson #3 – How to Finish Seams

After your seam has been sewn, it will need to be finished in order for it, not to fray. By far the most popular seam finish is the zig-zag which you can see in the bottom right of the photo below. The stitch will stabilize the edges and stop them from fraying all the way back to the seam.

ZIG-ZAG FINISH – Press open the seam and zig-zag on either side of the seam. If you stitch a little in from the edge, the zig-zagged edge will sit a little flatter. Some people choose to zig-zag off the edge. Learn to Sew Online - Seam Finishes Learn to Sew Online - Seam Finishes PinLearn to Sew Online – Seam Finishes

Lesson #4 – How to Gather

Gathering is a popular technique to add ruffles and fullness to clothing and other items.

Here are the basic steps for how to gather:

Hem the bottom edge of your ruffle first. It is much easier to do it now rather than at the end. Put your machine in the longest stitch length. This is usually 4.0. Stitch 3 rows of stitching on the raw edge side. You can actually do 2 rows instead if you wish. The more rows you stitch, the finer the gathers. Do not backstitch the ends. Gently pull the bobbin threads to gather the fabric. Put the gathered ruffle with right sides together on the flat fabric. Seam and finish the seam. Open the seam and press. Remove any of the gathering stitches that are showing below the seam.

Learn to Sew Online - GatheringLearn to Sew Online - GatheringPinLearn to Sew Online – Gathering

Popular Learn to Sew Online Topics

Once you have learned to sew a seam and finish, it is time to up your skill level and learn some new sewing techniques. All these tutorials will lead you through these topics step by step.

Learn to Sew Fabrics

Here are links to articles about some popular types of fabric and how to sew them:

How to Sew Stretch Fabric – Sewing jersey and lycra/spandexSewing Leather – You will need special needles and presser feet to sew leather and vinyl. Sewing WoolSewing VelvetSewing Lycra and Spandex

Learn to Sew Online Intermediate Subjects

Here are more new skills to learn:

Applique – Applique is a beautiful decorative technique where shapes and designs are sewn on top of the base fabric. Sewing Bias Tape – Many sewing projects use bias tape to finish the edges, so this is an important subject.Sewing Darts – Darts give shape to the curves of your body, such as those found in the bust and waist. When sewing clothing, you will need to learn this technique. Sewing Leotards – Save money and sew amazing creations for your little dancer or gymnast. How to Sew Buttonholes – This is an important skill to learn when sewing garments. Many cushions and home decor items make use of buttonholes. Best of all, it can all be done on your machine. How to Sew Buttons – After you have learned how to do buttonholes, you will need to sew buttons. This tutorial will show you how to sew 3 different types. How to Sew a Zipper – This shows you how to sew a basic zipper. Zippers are used in skirts, dresses, and pants.

Learn to Sew Online with Free Projects

Now you have yourself organized with some basic tutorials, it is time to find something to sew. Starting with free project tutorials is a great way to build confidence without breaking the budget.

If you have kids, then a great place to start is some doll clothing or kid`s clothes as it doesn`t take much fabric, and if the seams are a little wonky, no one will complain or even notice. Kids are more interested in the cool fabric that Mum or Grandma picked out. And imagine how proud you will feel looking at what you have made.

Home decor simple sewing projects are also great for beginners as they are mostly straight sewing.

Easy Free Tutorials From My Blog

For more tutorial ideas, see my articles on simple sewing projects and sewing projects for beginners. All these creative projects are all free:


How to Make a Scrunchie – How good do scrunchies look in your hair? Learning how to make hair accessories only takes a scrap of fabric.

Burp Cloth Pattern - Learn to sew onlineBurp Cloth Pattern - Learn to sew onlinePin

Free Burp Cloth Pattern – This is one of my most popular tutorials as they are so quick and easy to make and are amazing for presents for new mothers.

how to make cushion covers - Learn to sew onlinehow to make cushion covers - Learn to sew onlinePin

How to Make a Cushion Cover – A cushion over is just a rectangle and straight sewing and is the ideal first project to learn to sew online.

Rabbit Skirt PatternRabbit Skirt PatternPin

Girls Skirt Pattern – The rabbit skirt pattern has no gathering or anything tricky. The simple elastic waist will be suitable for absolute beginners.

Baby Skirt - Learn to sew onlineBaby Skirt - Learn to sew onlinePin

Baby Skirt Pattern – Like the girl`s skirt above, the baby skirt pattern is a couple of rectangles that beginners can sew with no problems.

how to make buntinghow to make buntingPin

Bunting Template – Not ready to tackle clothing? This bunting template pattern has all straight stitching.

Baby SkirtBaby SkirtPin

Baby Skirt Pattern – Like the girl`s skirt above, the baby skirt pattern is a couple of rectangles that beginners can sew with no problems.

Don`t see anything you like? I have more Free Sewing Patterns on the blog.

Learn to Sew Online with Video

Did you know that Treasurie has a video Youtube channel with weekly sewing and craft tutorial videos?

Here is a popular video I made on how to make a scrunchie. Most of my videos are 3-5 minutes and straight to the point as I know you are busy!

Learn to Sew Online – Scrunchie Video

Learn to Sew Online – Hand Sewing

Not all sewing is done with a machine! You can learn to sew online various hand sewing techniques.

Here are some tutorials to get you started:

How to Tie a Knot for SewingHow to Use a Needle ThreaderHow to Hand SewHow to Thread a NeedleHand Sewing Needles Guide

Once you have threaded your needle, it is time to hand sew something. Here are some of the basic hand stitches that can be used to sew seams as well as decorative stitches used for embroidery.

Backstitch – This is one of the most used hand stitches. A backstitch forms the strongest hand stitch for seams. It is also useful for outlining embroidery shapes.Running Stitch – This stitch is the easiest and fastest stitch. It comprises of tiny up and down stitches. Basic Embroidery Stitches – Learn all the basic stitches to start embroidery. Invisible Stitch – Sometimes when you have a seam to mend, you will want the stitches to not show on the outside.

Learn to Sew Online Quilting

Quilting is a wonderful hobby where small patches of fabric are joined together to form larger pieces of fabric. This sewing technique is ideal for learning to sew online as quilting can be done in small sections.

Here are some articles on the basics of quilting:

How Make a Quilt – This is an article showing that gives you an overview of making a quilt from scratch. How to Bind a Quilt – After quilts are finished, the edges need to be bound with strips of fabric. How to Match Seams for Quilting – This is an important quilting technique and will make all the difference to your work.

A quilt block is a small section of the design on your quilt. These blocks can be replicated to form a much larger quilt. Here are some articles on some of the different block designs you can use:

More Quilt Blocks

Diamond Quilt BlocksDiamond Quilt BlocksPinDiamond Quilt BlockWindmill Quilt BlocksWindmill Quilt BlocksPinWindmill Quilt BlockNine Patch Quilt BlocksNine Patch Quilt BlocksPinNine PatchPinFlying GeeseLog Cabin Quilt BlockLog Cabin Quilt BlockPinLog CabinTree Quilt BlockTree Quilt BlockPinTree Quilt BlockHeart Quilt BlocksHeart Quilt BlocksPinHeart Quilt BlockQuarter Square TrianglesQuarter Square TrianglesPinQSTHalf Square TrianglesHalf Square TrianglesPinHalf Square TrianglesHalf Rectangle TrianglesHalf Rectangle TrianglesPinHalf Rectangle TrianglesPinwheel Quilt BlockPinwheel Quilt BlockPinPinwheelQuilt SashingQuilt SashingPinQuilt Sashing

How to Make a Baby Quilt - Learn to sew onlineHow to Make a Baby Quilt - Learn to sew onlinePin

Learn how to make a baby quilt with this easy step-by-step quilting project. Easy learn to sew online lesson.

Learn to Sew Online FAQs

Can I teach myself to sew?

Absolutely, yes, you can! The internet is a wealth of information, and learn to sew online tutorials. Start with some sewing basics, such as how to sew a seam and seam finishes. Get yourself some scrap fabric and start practicing the basics and slowly build up your skills.

How do Beginners Learn to Sew?

Most beginners these days learn to sew online. The best thing about learning online is that you can go at your own pace, and most tutorials have beautifully photographed images to help with the instructions.

Can you teach yourself to sew online?

You can definitely learn to sew online. There are endless tutorials on how to sew. Don`t forget to look on YouTube for sewing tutorials as well. The Treasurie blog has hundreds of sewing tutorials, many including video. All have clearly photographed instructions and diagrams to help you along.

Learn to Sew Online – In Conclusion

I hope this gets you started on your way to learn to sew online. Don`t forget there is a search bar at the top-right if I haven`t addressed the topic you want to learn about.

New sewing tutorials are added weekly but if there is something new you would like to learn about, then leave a comment below.

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