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Leather and Fashion

When was the last time you went out for shopping, along with your girlfriend for her hand bag? If you haven’t, don’t try it and if you have, I am sure you will have your own set of experiences to write about.There is something about the hand bags that ladies can’t resist. They need to have one ( even if they have a dozen already) it has to have the latest design, should look expensive and no matter which brand they buy, they will never ever be satisfied. Men too, are not far off from this trend. Their craze for Leather wallet, leather belts, leather pouches, and leather jackets reflects well in the ever increasing sales of such accessories.

How much do they cost?

It depends on the brand, the material used and sometimes even on the hype around a certain product.

Ladies handbag can start around from $20- $25. As you move up the ladder, then Ralph Lauren or DKNY could cost you anything between $60 -$120. The premium range of Prada, Christian Dior, Cole Haan, Gucci and Chanel could hit your pocket for $2500 or more.

ET recently reported, Hermes’ only exclusive boutique in India, claims that there’s a long ‘on-request’ wait list for the hand-crafted bag which currently starts at Rs 5 lakh($10,000) and could go up to Rs 22 lakh ($44,000), depending on the leather and style.

Types of Leather Accessories in demand

I think it will take numerous PETA shoots and ad campaigns to slow down the demand of leather Products. The leather goods that are usually in demand and exported are Leather Footwear, Footwear Components (Shoe Uppers, Soles etc.), Leather Garments, Leather Goods (Including Harness & Saddlery, Leather Gloves etc.) and other Finished Leather accessories like Wallets, Purses, Handbags, Belts, Key Chains, Passport Folders, Spectacle Cases and Hand Gloves, Travelware, Portfolios, Suitcases, Harness etc.

Stats at a glance about the Indian leather industry

  • In India cities like Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Jallandhar, Kanpur and Mumbai are among the few important Production Centres.
  • The major countries which import the leather products are U.S.A., Germany, U K., Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Russia, Canada and Sweden.
  • Leather Industry Employs more than 3 million persons.
  • Annual export value poised to touch about 4 billion US dollars.

Leather Industry and Euro Crisis

Indian leather exporters saw an increase of 25% growth in the first four months however the latter half of the year is estimated to be tough, According to the news report, Indian Leather industry is demanding Government’s assistance to overcome the European crisis. The European crisis could affect industry’s growth in the second half of the current financial year as 65 percent export transactions are in Euro, while 10 percent are in pounds.

The world is looking at India to replace china as the growth engine of the leather industry worldwide and it will be interesting to see how much can the Indian leather industry live up its promise and expectations.

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