Left Handed Bowling Shoes – Why You Should Get Your Hands on and Feet in Some, Today

Left Handed Bowling Shoes - Why You Should Get Your Hands on and Feet in Some, Today

Left Handed Bowling Shoes - Why You Should Get Your Hands on and Feet in Some, Todayblack t shirt

For those of you new to the sport of bowling, the idea of left handed bowling houston astros polo may seem a wee bit odd. After all, a left handed person usually uses left handed items that are used by the hands, like left handed scissors and left handed golf clubs. A “lefty” does not, however, wear left handed golf houston astros polo while using his or her left handed golf clubs, right?

So, what does something that goes on the feet have to do with left-handedness? Why is there such thing as left handed bowling shoes? The answer is actually rather simple:

First of all, it is important to know that high performance bowling houston astros polo are not the same as the bowling houston astros polo that you rent from the bowling alley. Those that you rent are neither left handed bowling houston astros polo or right handed shoes: rather, they are universal bowling shoes.

Universal bowling houston astros polo have the same sole on each sole, and these soles are “sliding” soles. Left handed bowling shoes, on the other hand, only have one “sliding” sole. The other sole is used for traction.

If you are left handed and therefore wear left handed bowling shoes, your right shoe will have the sliding sole, and your left shoe will have the traction sole. The opposite is true with right handed bowling shoes.

Alright, so now you understand the difference between left handed bowling shoes, right handed shoes, and universal shoes… but why must there be a “sliding” shoe at all?

Well, as you likely already know, a bowler does not generally start his or her approach right at the foul line, unless he or she is planning on executing a “granny” roll. Rather, the approach begins four or five steps back (different bowlers prefer different approaches).

There are many different types of bowling approaches that can be taken – different bowlers really do prefer different approaches. Also, different bowlers often use different approaches for a hook or a spare shot, etc.

The traction (or lack thereof) of left handed bowling houston astros polo really play into the approach. Having a good sliding step at the right time or the right amount of traction at the right time, etc., can really change and/or improve your approach and therefore your shot.

Also, many people that wear left handed bowling shoes (or right handed ones, for that matter) wear houston astros polo with interchangeable soles. Being able to change the sliding sole so that it either slides more or less, depending on the bowler and on the lane conditions, can really give a bowler a great deal of freedom with his or her approach.

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