Leprechaun Costume - How To Dress On St Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Costume - How To Dress On St Patrick's Day

Of the many holidays celebrated in the United States and Canada, none hold the torch to religious and cultural festivity more so than St. Paddy’s Day. What’s not to love about St. Paddy’s day? Four leaf clovers, hot women scantily dressed in leprechaun costumes, green beer, everything drenched in green, and for that matter, the drunken revelry that makes you want to get your Irish on.

Finding the right costume for your own contribution to such a joyous occasion can be difficult. The prime choice for the ideal costume suitable for St. Patrick’s Day is that of one of folklore’s most beloved and glorious characters; the Leprechaun.

Although you can always go the way of your first Halloween, where you went trick or treating with your elder subling, and had your mother make you a costume, or you can buy a WAY better one. In order to get in touch with your inner Irish, to demonstrate an authenticity, to stand out from the rest of the crowd with painted four leaf clovers on their faces, and truly get in the spirit of St. Paddy’s day, buying a costume is the best and, in some cases, the only possible option.

There are several options you can choose. For the ladies there are two approaches; the hot, provocative, and downright scandalous outfits that will have all the guys looking at you over the edge of their pints of beer in the local tavern, or the comical to downright hilarious unisex outfits that will have your sides splitting with laughter.

You have the choice of donning red or green as there are different accounts in Ireland as to the exact get-up of Leprechauns However, seeing as red is the official color of both Valentine’s Day and Christmas, green is the safer, more traditional option.

The adult, more risque, leprechaun costumes for the ladies may consist of several elements; green checkered short skirts, that will take you back to your Catholic school girl days, corsets, tight blouses, high heeled viking zip up tính diện tích , thigh high stocking with small green bows, and to top it all off, a traditional Leprechaun cocked hat with a buckle situated in the center.

Put together, this will be an outfit that will have all the guys drooling, and the ladies green with envy. For the comical approach, green colored breeches, knee high socks, viking zip up tính diện tích supporting buckles, ruffled shirts, green overcoats, and of course, once again, the traditional leprechaun hat.

This leprechaun costume can be worn by the guys as well with the addition of a clay pipe, black pot or cauldron filled with those chocolate coins, and your choice of the funny yet inaccurate green wig or the more authentic ginger hair colored wig.

Although most individuals may think that it is more economical to put together a leprechaun costume from things lying around the house, most costume outlets sell these outfits for as little as 50 bucks. So make the wise choice and go out or online this St. Patrick’s Day and buy one to really have fun. Get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and really have fun. Get yourself an authentic leprechaun costume that will make everyone on your street holler “top o the mornin to ya!”

write by williams