Let’s Rock Elmo – Best Toy On The Market

Let's Rock Elmo - Best Toy On The Market

Let's Rock Elmo - Best Toy On The Marketblack t shirt

A new toy is out in the market and it’s called Let’s Rock Elmo. It’s an interactive play set featuring the lovable little red monster in a black concert t-shirt. This new wardrobe change coincides with the theme of the toy. This is the newest interactive Elmo toy to the hit market in two long years.

Lets Rock Elmo is different from all the other toddler toys because of the unique technology that lets it interact with your child and the instruments he or she plays. The play set includes Elmo with his microphone, drum set and tambourine. When strategically placed near him these instruments are automatically played by Elmo. This will surely delight the kids. With six built-in songs your kids will never run out of tunes to play. The song line-up include the ‘ABC song’ and the ‘Elmo’s World song’. They can even play the drum set and the tambourine themselves.

Even more spectacular about this product is the fact that it can interact with three other instruments. The Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard has keys that brightly light up when played. When your child plays the keyboard Elmo synchronizes and sings along with you.

Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar also has keys that light up and features a whammy bar that your child will simply adore. This can also play along with Elmo on various songs. Lastly, the Grover Microphone works just like a regular mike as it amplifies your child’s voice and singing. Elmo also plays his instruments along when your child starts using the Grover Microphone.

If you have a lot of kids, then you can assign an instrument for each of them and they can form their own little Sesame Street rock band. The Elmo play set takes engagement and interaction to a whole new level. It also exposes children to the wonderful world of music. Let’s Rock Elmo was designed for children who are 18 months or older. This is a stage where pattern and repetition is found to be particularly enjoyable. Pattern and repetition is the foundation of music so with these types of toys your child has fun while his mental capacities are stimulated.

Children 18 to 24 months old are eager to seek and practice on activities that engage him or her. So playing musical tunes and singing songs will certainly be an activity he or she will enjoy. Let’s Rock Elmo will also refine their hand-eye-coordination and motor skills. By handling instruments your child is able to determine the basic requirements of handling and controlling more complex objects and toys. It also stimulates the imagination as they envision playing with a band or singing in front of a crowd.

Your child will love the interactive features of Let’s Rock Elmo. It will give a sense of accomplishment as each song is successfully played. The bright colors, catchy tunes and flashing lights will also hold their attention for hours on end. This is a good step to make them feel more confident with music and hopefully engages a passion for a specific instrument as they grow and develop.

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