Liberty Fabrics Royal-themed Baby Vests – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton: Liberty Lifestyle, Bloomsbury Collection Charles Colourway D; Stile Collection Herbert Colourway D; plain, pink; plain, blueBaby vestsInterfacing, iron-on, lightweightFusible webbingThread: sewing, cream; embroidery, cream; blue; pinkFabric pen, disappearing

Dimensions List

Custom sized

Embroider a baby girl’s vest

Download and print the templates.Trace the crown to the dotted line and the strip, heart and circles onto fusible webbing and cut out. Iron the crown onto patterned pink fabric and the others onto plain pink fabric, then cut out.

Cut a 20cm square of lightweight interfacing and iron onto the inside front of the baby vest, 7cm down from the neckline. Turn it right side out and position the crown in the centre, 8cm down from the neckline. Iron into place.

Trim 2cm x 16cm of patterned fabric, then turn over one long and both short edges by 5mm and machine stitch. Create a running stitch along the unturned edge and pull to gather so it’s the same width as the bottom of the crown. Put to one side.

Remove the section of your machine so you’re free-arm sewing and set it to a wide zig zag stitch. Using cream thread, machine sew around the edges of the crown. Tack the gathered patterned fabric into place at the bottom of the crown, then iron the pink strip on top and machine stitch around the edges.

Position the circles onto the crown tips and the heart to the centre and iron on. Using pink embroidery thread, blanket stitch around them and add French knots to the centres of the circles. Use cream embroidery thread to make a French knot in the centre of the heart.

Use a disappearing fabric pen to trace the words ‘Little Princess’ onto the baby vest. Back stitch the lettering with pink embroidery thread.

Decorate a baby boy’s vest

Follow the instructions for the girl’s baby vest using blue patterned and plain fabrics, and a star as opposed to a heart. Trace the entire crown, ignoring the dotted line as there is no gathered fabric section. To complete, embroider ‘Little Prince’.