Liberty Print Bolster Cushion – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn, three prints;cotton, plain, whiteRibbon, velvet, 1cm wideThread, sewing, matchingButtons, 3cm, twoCushion inner, bolster

Dimensions List


Make a cushion

Measure the dimensions of your bolster cushion inner. Cut a piece of white cotton fabric the length plus the diameter of the bolster (A), by the circumference plus 3cm (B). Press. Fold in either side by half the diameter and press to make guide lines.

Pin and tack two lengths of velvet ribbon to the cotton fabric, just inside the guide lines. Cut strips of three different Liberty fabric prints, measuring various widths by measurement B. Fold under 5mm on each long edge and press.

Pin and tack the fabric strips to the white cotton, parallel to the ribbons. Vary the spacing between each one and add more lengths of ribbon if desired. Topstitch the pieces in place with matching thread.

Fold the decorated fabric in half lengthways, right sides together, and match up the ends of the fabric strips. Pin and stitch with a 1cm seam allowance. Turn right side out and slip over the bolster pillow inner, aligning the ends of the cushion with the ribbons on the guide lines.

Turn under 1cm on each raw end. Gather up the ends with running stitch using a double thickness of thread for extra security. Pull the thread and tighten the gathers to close the ends of the bolster and fasten off.

Cut two 4.5cm wide circles of printed lawn and sew running stitch around the edge. Place a button inside each circle and tighten the gathers around it to cover it, then fasten off. Place a covered button over the gathers at each end of the bolster and sew in place with loose mattress stitches worked invisibly underneath the button. Tighten the mattress stitches and fasten off.