Long Distance Running Secrets – How to Improve Lung Power For Greater Running Mileage

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As a runner, improving lung power and running mileage are telling signs of better conditioning and an iron will-power. Still, many beginner runners regard such improvement as impossible and out of reach, wrong.

Any runner can develop a decent lung capacity and running mileage if he follows the right recipe. And the main ingredient in this recipe is long distance running.

As a result, here are a few tips and guidelines that will show you how to improve your running mileage and develop explosive lung power with long distance running, without injuring yourself in the process.

What is Long distance running anyway!

LSD is running at a temperate pace in which you can carry on a conversation with your running partner (or yourself) without much huffing and puffing. This means that you are following a moderate approach and not pushing yourself to the extreme. Your heart rate should be between 55 up to 65% of its maximum rate.

Long distance running benefits

The complete list of this type of running goes beyond the scope of this article. However, here are some of the most famous and sought after benefits of this training approach:

– LSD running build aerobic foundation and improves lung power, even for people with limited skill and credit in the fitness bank account.

– This type of running is the ideal time for beginner runners to work on enhancing their running form and mechanics. Hence you will be building the foundation for more intense workouts in the near future, without risking a crippling injury due to improper running shoes or wondering mind.

– It can also serve as a meditation practice where you get to contemplate, be grateful, and enjoy outside scenery while you’re working out and sweating like a crazy.

Of course this is just a short list. To get acquainted with other gains, you need to try it for yourself.

How long a LSD running session should last

Well the answer is not all black and white. The answer depends entirely on your current fitness level and running goals. If you are in the beginning stage, then sustaining your LSD run up to 30 minutes is enough.

But if you want to cover more ground, then you should increase the mileage incrementally. A fair 10% mileage increase per week is enough. Adopting the “no pain, no gain” mentality will only hurt you and compromise your efforts. Train smart and make the right decisions.

write by Bridget

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