Looking For Collectible Pottery? Start With American Art Pottery

Looking For Collectible Pottery? Start With American Art Pottery

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Collectible Pottery or Art Pottery

Collectible Pottery or more affectionately called Art Pottery, refers to any pottery that is decorative, stylish, and attractive. This style, in the early years, was made for decorative or artistic purposes, rather than for utilitarian uses. However as the standard of living rose and production cost dropped, especially in America, a huge market developed and American art pottery started leaning towards practicality without sacrificing its artistic quality. This new style of pottery comes in a variety of forms from small cabinet pieces to large umbrella stands and jardinière and pedestals.

American Art Pottery

This is one of the largest sectors of the world’s pottery market and is composed of a large assortment of vases, pitchers, planters, and similar items that are valued as works of art rather than as functional items even though they didn’t start out that way. Rather than one single style, it is best characterized by an innovative approach to ceramic design and an emphasis on decoration over function. Pieces produced by Weller, Owens and Roseville,to mention a few, are in high demand by collectors for their beauty and value. The glory years are from 1870 to 1920 although production lasted much longer.

Roseville Pottery

Roseville Pottery was among the most successful manufactures until shutting down in 1954. Over fifty years later, Roseville is now one of the best known and most collectible of the American ceramic arts. They opened their doors in 1890 and became well-known for producing their best quality by the early 1900’s. Now it is the most collectible American pottery ever produced and is even a very profitable niche for eBay buyers and sellers.

Roseville pottery is widely known for its mixture of dark colors with the light ones. Today, it is most sought after by collectors, and each valuable piece, cookie jars, vases, planters, bowls or pitchers is considered an art piece. Often Roseville price guides can point you in the right direction for a purchase price, but keep in mind that the estimated value may not tip you off if the piece is counterfeit.

Yes fake Roseville pieces are all over the place and you will need to be careful to verify each piece before you acquire it. The benchmark of Roseville is its unmatched design and artistic attributes. Created, at the time, for the common person with a touch of class. Once you develop an eye for this quality you will never be fooled by impostors.

Why and How You Should Collect

Collecting and displaying American Art Pottery, especially Roseville, can be a very satisfying hobby and doubles as an investment to boot. But like collecting any rare and valuable antiques, caution should be given to identification because many copycats exist. It used to be that the only way you could educate yourself to art pottery values, was by visiting antique shops, yard sales and purchasing books on the subject. But today things are much easier. Just the thousands of auction images of art pottery alone, found on the Internet, add up to quite an education.

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