Love – How Men View Love

Love - How Men View Love

Love - How Men View Loveblack t shirt

The focus here will be on Scorpio men, primarily because they are thought to be the most sexually motivated, dedicated, and inquisitive of the Zodiac. Are these claims true, maybe, who really knows?

Scorpio people are born October 23rd to November 21st, the eighth month – in the fall – around the harvest moon. They love bright, engaging colors, get him a red or orange shirt. Silver jewelry fits him well, and electric blues and greens make him feel alive.

Scorpios are often lacking in confidence in the love arena, so it might take awhile for them to get into the love game. Once they do get up the courage and the nerve, they surprise even themselves with the intensity of their passion. Allow the Scorpio man to grow-up, mature emotionally before you make any demands on him. It could take him until his early 30’s to be ready to look for a solid, supportive relationship that will give him what he wants out of his soul mate. After he has gained his confidence, charisma and charm will lead him toward a happy union.

Scorpio men often fall head over heels in love. If yours is one of these, he will expect no less from you and if he is inclined to feel the slightest reservation emanating from your relationship, he will probably just pack up and move on out. The emotional investment is too high a price to pay for a mediocre relationship.

Harmonious surroundings appeal to him, with his affectionate, non-competitive nature, he is very likely to find the serenity he strives for. But beware, he can become too dependent on you to meet his needs. Avoid this at all costs or your relationship with him will drain the emotional pool dry.

There are those few Scorpios that love to play the field, love is usually not what they strive to attain at the outset. There is little lack of companions vying for the attentions of this guy, he wants fun and excitement, not lasting unions, and he’s looking for that, he’s just not ready yet. That doesn’t mean that as time passes the novelty will wear off and he will yearn for commitment, and will then be willing to give his all to that one special person.

Social Scorpios are looking for love in all the right circles, they want to make the most of their chances of attracting a future mate. If he had poor relationships in his youth, he will first have to get over the hurts and love who he is. He will begin his search for an intelligent and creative woman that will compliment his nature.

Your Scorpio guy is probably generous to a fault. He loves to give, give, give, but often is unable to accept help or support from others. Trust is a big issue here, in order to open up his heart, you might have to be the one to step up to the plate first. Failing to do that, any true happiness or fulfillment for you as a couple will be put off indefinitely until he feels confident in your commitment.

They love the thrill of the chase, are open to anyone that will play this game fraught with excitement and powerful emotions. He will chase after people that he knows may very well turn him down but he won’t care because he revels in sorrowful love sickness.

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