Lunchtime Make: Embroidered Glasses Case – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: spotty, 11cm x 19cm; floral, 11cm x 19cm; 11cm x 20cm, two Thread: stranded embroidery; matching Stick-on diamantes, six Air erasable pen

Make a glasses case

Download the template and cut out the glasses shape, including lenses. Pin centrally to spotty fabric and draw round the edge with an air erasable pen. Using four strands of thread, embroider over the outlines in chain stitch.

With right sides facing, pin the completed embroidery to 11cm x 19cm of floral fabric. Stitch the side and bottom edges together, using a 1cm seam allowance. Trim off the corners to within 3mm of the stitch line and press the seams inwards. Join and trim two 11cm x 20cm floral rectangles in the same way, leaving a 10cm gap at the lower end of one side edge.

Turn the lining right side out and slip inside the main case. Match the side seams and tack the top edges together all round the opening. Machine stitch with a 6mm seam. Pull the lining out again and turn the whole thing right side out through the gap. Ease out the corners of the main case with a knitting needle and close the gap by pinning, then stitching the two folded edges together. Turn the lining back inside the case and push the corners down. Adjust the top edge so there is an equal amount of lining fabric showing all round and press lightly.