Lunchtime Make: Trinket Box – Free sewing patterns


Ribbon: wide; narrow ? FeltBox, cardboard, with lidTape, double-sided

Make a trinket box

Cut lengths of ribbon 1.5cm longer than the width of the lid of your chosen box. Cover the box lid with double-sided tape, overlapping the rim halfway. Peel off the first few backing papers and stick the ribbon to the adhesive, so that it overlaps all the edges. Add the other strips in turn, removing the papers as you go.

Fix a round of tape around the rim. Peel off the paper and add a length of narrow ribbon. Trim so there is an overlap of 1cm at the end. Fold this under and stick down, securing with a few stitches if necessary.

Cut felt to the size of the box’s base and adhere with tape. Cover the edges with double-sided tape, up to the rim. Peel off the papers and, starting at one corner, fix on a wide band of ribbon, neatening the end as before.