Lunchtime Make: Woodland Coasters – Free sewing patterns


Felt: dark green; light green; rust red; brightred; white • Thread: embroidery, red; white;black; light green; dark green Fabric markerPinking shears

Make woodland coasters

To create a mushroom, download the templates, print and cut out. Trace a cap and stalk outline onto paper and cut out. Pin a cap template to red felt, and a stalk outline to white felt and trim. Cut 13 small circles from white felt. Pin a circular template to dark green felt and cut out using pinking shears.

Fix the cap and stalk in place using a glue stick. Sew down the cap with short straight stitches in two strands of red thread. Sew the stalk with two strands of white. Stick down white dots onto the red cap and sew in place. Draw lines with a fabric marker pen, then back stitch using two strands of black thread.

Cut out a coaster from rust red felt and a leaf from light green felt. Draw on veins with a fabric marker and stitch using three strands of dark green thread. Sew around the outside edge of the leaf with short straight stitches, using two strands of light green thread.