Maintaining Your Natural Stone Flooring

Maintaining Your Natural Stone Flooring

Maintaining Your Natural Stone Flooringblack t shirt

Marble, limestone and granite are all beautiful and common stone types of flooring and they all vary from type to type what kind of care they require over the years. Maintaining these types of stone and others does not have to be a tedious chore, but it does require vigilance, patience and attention. Stone flooring is an investment of time and money but it also a matter of pride over your home and truly a decision on how much you treasure and value your home. It is not something you decide upon lightly, but given the right circumstances, stone flooring can prove to be an incredibly rewarding feature in any home.

The biggest problem that people don’t think about is also the smallest; dirt and dust. The smallest particles of dust, dirt, sand and other gritty pieces that stick to the bottoms of your deer hunting shirt can create fine abrasions and scratches on the surface of your stone flooring, eventually making it appear cloudy and dull. To avoid this, the very best thing to do would be to make sure that the floor is dry swept daily, or to use a clean, dry dust mop to thoroughly get rid of any fine dust that a bristle broom may miss. A vacuum could also be used, but you run the risk of it blowing dust away rather than picking it up, and scratching the floor with any hard wheels or beater bars. It’s also a fine idea to have non-slip surface rugs just outside of your natural stone floor to help collect loose dust before walking onto the floor.

Cleaning it every day with a close eye and vigilance will help with the majority of the problems faced by natural stone floor owners. Rinsing the floor off with a soft clean cloth will also help collect and remove dirt that gets left behind while sweeping, but should be watched to make sure that it dries completely, afterward. You also need to avoid using abrasive or acidic cleaners as they will damage your floor and may make shiny, polished surfaces seem dull and dingy after time. Lemon-based cleaners, vinegar and anything with a high pH rating will be a nightmare on marble, travertine and limestone floors and wreak havoc on the once glossy shine.

When moving objects across your floor, you should absolutely pick them up and move them across the floor, then place them down once at the new location. Skidding the furniture across the floor can damage the floor far worse than first imagined. It is also recommended to put some kind of soft pad or some kind of rug under the legs of chairs, couches, tables, bookcases and any other furniture to stop from deep scratches, divots and other abrasions appearing on the floor. If you have potted plants, you also need to place them in stands or decorative bases and make sure that any water or dirt spilled on the floor is very carefully cleaned and removed to avoid other scratches.

If you still feel overburdened by the effort it takes to maintain your stone flooring, there is always the option of hiring a professional to do it for you. Seeking out professional help to keep your natural stone floor is definitely a better alternative than letting them fall to ruin; there is nothing more heartbreaking than a neglected stone floor, after all. Whatever way to decide to take care of your stone, make sure that you do and you will be enjoying your floors for years and years to come.

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