Make an Easy Cowboy Costume For Halloween!

Make an Easy Cowboy Costume For Halloween!

Make an Easy Cowboy Costume For Halloween!black t shirt

With Halloween just around the corner, now is a great time to start creating easy to make costumes for your kids.  Why not make a cute western costume perfect for little cowboys or cowgirls!  Just saddle up your creativity and before long partner you can make an easy and cute costume for little ones in your bunk house!

Start by making a fringe buckskin vest.  Get a large paper bag from your local grocery store.  Lay it flat on the table.  Cut a whole on each side of  the sack about 2-3 inches from the top.  (This makes armholes.  Adjust where you cut and how big you make the armholes according to the size of the child.)

Next cut in a straight line up the middle of the back of the sack to the top.  Then cut out a spot for the neck at the top of the sack.   Along the bottom of the sack, cut fringe.  You can then use paints, stickers, markers, crayons, or fabric to decorate the vest.  (You could involve your little trick or treaters to be by letting them decorate their own vests!) 

Purchase a bandanna for a neck scarf or make your own out of fabric that you purchase.  Buy enough to fold your piece of fabric into a triangle to tie around your cowboy or cowgirl’s neck.  Have your child wear denim pants or a denim skirt and a white t-shirt.  You could also add a belt out of fabric or one that the child may already have in their closet.

Purchase a cowboy hat at your local thrift or dollar store.  You can add more bandanna fabric to the brim of the hat if you like.

There you go!  To get even more authentic, you could purchase a pair of cowboy/cowgirl boots from a thrift store but tennis viking armor hoodie would work too.  Add a stick horse and your little dude is ready to ride the range at school in the Halloween parade or trick or treating door to door!

Happy creating!

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