Make Halloween a Family Affair With Native American Indian Costumes

Make Halloween a Family Affair With Native American Indian Costumes

Make Halloween a Family Affair With Native American Indian Costumesblack t shirt

Have you ever wanted a pair of moccasins? They look so comfortable and fun. The fringe and rich caramel color are so much more exciting that your everyday flip-flips or conservative work shoes. They’re definitely more practical than five-inch stilettos and even go well with tribal face paint. If you decide to purchase a Native American Halloween costume this year, you have the perfect excuse to buy the moccasins you’ve always wanted. You can even get pink ones for your little girl if you want. And if you aren’t brave enough to wear them outside after the special day, they can always keep your feet warm around the house.

One of the best things about being an Indian this Halloween is that you can pretend to be someone from Pocahontas. Leave it to Disney to steal the scene yet again. Little girls love the idea of being a princess who lives in nature and has her own pet raccoon. Plus, she gets to save her whole tribe and fall in love with the perfect man. Yes, mom, you can be Pocahontas too. Or you can be her mother. Dads have the option of Pocahontas’ father or Kocoum.

Native American Halloween Costumes come in sizes for anyone in the family. There is a toddler costume for girls and two adult plus size costumes for men. One includes more fringe than the other, but they both include long pants and a long-sleeved top. At least you wont have to worry about getting cold! Children’s and (standard) adult’s costumes come in sizes for both genders. Mom can choose from a conservative Native American costume, one that has slits to her upper thighs, or something in between. Dad only has one option, but this just makes his decision that much easier!

If you want to be the cutest little Indian or the best-dressed family, complete your Native American Halloween costume with the perfect accessories. Top off the Indian Wig with the Decorative Indian Headband with Feather or the Deluxe Lightweight Indian War Bonnet. Real Cherokee Indians made the headband, which adds to its authenticity. Whether you want something sweet and simple or more elaborate, we’ve got you covered. There’s also a Hunting Knife and Shrinker. Yes, you can carry around a fake shrunken head if that rocks your boat. And, of course, don’t forget your moccasins!

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