Make Money Online – A Case of Trial and Error

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How many time have you been shown how to make money online and it just did not work?

Are the Gurus telling us the truth or holding back the missing piece of that big Internet Marketing puzzle?

If you have been working online for a while then you should know that there are a hell of a lot of scams out there. Just to mention one of the big ones that seems to suck people in all the time is cash gifting! I must admit some of them programs do sound inciting and I have, maybe just like you lost money every time. Well I have stopped putting my hard earned money into programs like them. Lesson learnt, I hope. That is just one of many ways how to not make money online.

How to make money online.

You could make your own product. But let us be quite honest here, how many of us can make their own money making product? For my part I would not know where to start.

If you are just starting out learning the ropes, then start of using affiliate marketing. There are so many great offers out there you just have to look. You can sell soap or maybe even a garden fence, shoes, information about anything, the sky is the limit What to do once you know which product you are going to make money online with.

Make your own money making Blog using word press and get you offer out to the World. Make sure you chose a good domain name i.e. if you are going to be selling shoes then make sure the word shoe is in the domain name at the beginning and not at the end. Chose a good looking theme, which are in abundance for free or get a paid one. Search for top keywords, do not try to take on the big boys with keywords like make money online, try keywords with less competition.. It is a case of trial and error. If one idea on how to make money online does not work, then move on to the next one, there are enough to be tested.

Now you are set up to make money online, make a few short videos talking about your website and put the video up on some of the big platforms. You will be amazed how much free traffic you will get to your blog if you use video marketing.

I know this is information is a bit short but if you stick to the basics and really keep it easy then you will make money online soon.

write by Athelstan

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