Making Him Rise to the Occasion – How to Get a Guy Hard Without Touching Him! Follow This

Making Him Rise to the Occasion - How to Get a Guy Hard Without Touching Him! Follow This

Making Him Rise to the Occasion - How to Get a Guy Hard Without Touching Him! Follow Thisblack t shirt

Arousal for a guy is not all about the penis. OK it’s mostly about the penis, but there are also a lot of other factors that go into getting the big guy and his little friend anxious with anticipation. The male sex drive is a very complex thing that has many different trigger points, the right kind of stimulation to his eyes, ears or mind can create a situation that leaves him “hard-pressed” to not act upon the moment. Let’s look at a few of these triggers and how they can be used to create an experience that will leave you both fulfilled.

If you think that you have to physically touch a man to get him sexually aroused you are so wrong; there are many other effective ways to accomplish this. Simply seductively purr his name to let him know that the pumpkin pie you have been baking him in a wet white t- new york yankees hawaiian shirt is ready for him after he finishes his bog of doughnuts.


One of the best ways to start the process of building up a man’s desire is to tell him that he may look but not touch for a particular period of time. Just as when we were young and we were told to not touch the cookie jar, we want most the things that we can’t have. Tell your man that he is not to touch you for an entire day and he will so find himself overwrought with the frustration of not being able to do so. For a man, frustration is most often expressed below the belt.

Put on a Show

OK this one is more controversial than anything and it requires the help of a VERY close friend. Men are very fantasy based creatures. If you are out and want to get a guy rip roaring and ready to go lean over to your girlfriend and give her a little peck on the check, acting seductive and “playful” to another woman will get a guy hard in an instant. Even if the idea of “group fun” doesn’t work for either of you, it does things in his mind that will definitely do things in his pants.

Be Yourself, with Yourself

A demonstrative sex act in front of a guy is one of the 100% guaranteed ways to get him going fast and strong. The rubbing of your breasts or crotch while looking at him will put the suggestion in his mind that you are ready for the fun to begin. To a guy that’s all he needs to know and he will be soon to follow.

Dress the Part

Wear outfits that are seductive but at the same time not overly revealing, this leads him to want to see what is not shown. Men are creatures of fantasy and imagination. The thought of what he doesn’t see will drive him wild. In another concept of this, wearing outfits that almost suggest a fantasy will accomplish the same thing, i.e. for a French maids fantasy wear a simple black, short dress with white trim, with your hair up, and a feathery hand bag. He will get the intention, I promise.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Men are very visual creatures. Men appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body, whether or not the image is explicit in nature. For most men it’s the idea of what is not seen that is more arousing that what is seen. If your guy is having a bad day at work, an almost X-rated picture sent to him may make his arrival at home more enjoyable for both of you.

The Way to a Man’s Heart…

The way to a man’s heart is often thought to be through his stomach. As it turns out, there has been scientific research conducted that may actually support this saying. Scientists studying the taste and smell sensations of men found that the smell of pumpkin pie increased blood flow to the male sex organs dramatically. Doughnuts came in with the second largest increase in blood flow while surprisingly women’s perfumes, and simulated vaginal scents only incited a 3 percent increase in blood flow.

Tell Him What You Want, What You Really, Really Want!

A salacious description of your favorite sex fantasy will have him doing him best impersonation of the Washington monument in a matter of moments. Can’t see your man in person? No problem. Pick up the phone and you can do the same thing. One additional turn-on is the anticipation of having to wait for you.

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