Making Your Own Clown Shoes

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Like the red clown nose, this is probably one of the most important pieces of a professional clown’s clothing. But you can not afford the money for a pair of deluxe leather clown shoes.

So it’s now time to make your own clown shoes.

But how do you start out to make yours?

Feel free to pick up some ordinary sneakers, the bigger the sneaker, the better for this project. Now go wild and decorate it

* color them with bright paint, the brighter the better

* Sew on some buttons

* Add some stripes with paints or sewed on ribbons

* Add some polka dots with paints or sewed on

* Glue on some little items, like plastic flowers (something that relates to your clown’s character)

Instant Clown Shoes

They are high top sneakers with the name of Chuck Taylor’s and are made by Converse. And they come in several styles. Price is thirty dollars to sixty dollars. Buy a pair of size 22 or larger, put them on and you have Instant Clown shoes.

Other Ideas

Glue a normal-size shoe inside a pair of size twenty-two shoes! That way, you get to wear a comfortable pair, and still look like a clown with really large shoes. Or just do one as a size twenty-two and leave the other shoe as a normal size

Or put the right normal-size shoe inside the left clown-size shoe, and vise-verse. This looks like your feet are reversed. You will get stares and double takes from people as you walk around in these shoes.

write by Bevis

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