Man Stuff Storage Basket – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: black and white spotted, 1m; contrast white and black for lining, 1m; plain blue, 11.5cm x 15cm; barcode print, 1mStamp, man iconInk pad or fabric pen, blackInterfacing, medium weight, fusibleThread: black; whiteGlue, fabric

Dimensions List

Basket: 16cm x 19cm tallMini basket: 5cm x 8.5cm

Stitch a basket

Cut a piece of black and white spotted fabric 20cm x 54cm and cover the back with fusible interfacing. Snip a length of barcode fabric 2cm x 54cm and stitch it 2cm up from the bottom edge, turning under the raw edges. Iron on the reverse then cut a further 4.5cm x 19cm strip of barcode fabric and place it vertically, 17cm from the left side. Attach it by stitching down the left side only turning under the raw edge.

Cut a piece of plain blue fabric measuring 6.5cm x 15cm, turn the raw edges under and slip the left side under the vertical barcode. Attach another strip of blue material slightly narrower in the same way. Stitch down the right-hand side of the vertical barcode.

Stamp two man icons in black ink on the top blue strip, stitch around them in white thread and sew the words ‘Man Stuff’. Cut two small white squares and stitch them to the right edge of the second strap. Use black thread to sew two ticks inside them and embroider the words ‘Gadgets’ and ‘Keys’ on the blue fabric.

Make a pocket in contrasting fabric by cutting a rectangle 10cm x 11cm. Hem all the edges, pin to the main basket and stitch around the bottom and two sides, tucking in a tab of barcode fabric on the righthand side as shown.

Cut a circle 18cm in diameter from black spotty fabric and back it with fusible interfacing.

Lay the main body of the basket flat and snip all the way along the bottom edge by 5mm to help the fabric to curve as you stitch. Place this and the circle right sides together and gradually machine stitch the two together carefully guiding the fabric around the curved edge. Once you have done this so that the ends are overlapping, stitch the back seam together. Turn right side out.

Cut a piece of lining fabric 24cm x 54cm and a circle with a diameter of 17cm. Stitch the two right sides together as before, remembering to snip into the long edge first. Insert it into the main basket and fold the excess top over onto the front, folding the edge under twice. Pin and set aside.

Make a handle using a piece of barcode fabric 3.5cm x 28cm, bend both long raw edges over and then fold the length in half, stitch to secure. Place the raw ends under the top band of the basket. Stitch around the top and bottom of the band to finish.

Make a mini basket

Cut a circle of black and white spotty fabric 10cm in diameter and back it with fusible interfacing. Cut a 12cm x 29cm strip of barcode fabric. Fold it in half widthways and follow the instructions as before to join it to the base circle. Turn right side out.

Stitch around the top of the basket just below the fold line in black thread. Cut a circular piece of black spotty fabric with a diameter of 7.5cm and secure in the bottom of your basket by stitching or using fabric glue.