Marketing to Baby Boomers, Part 3 — What Boomers Want

Marketing to Baby Boomers, Part 3 -- What Boomers Want

Marketing to Baby Boomers, Part 3 -- What Boomers Wantblack t shirt

What Do Boomers Want?

We know the misconceptions about Baby Boomers, and we know they’re approaching their 50s and 60s in a way no previous generation has, but what do Boomers want?


Baby Boomers (like many consumers) care more about value than brand name. They want specific benefits, not just slogans or catchy commercials. Any marketing message to Boomers needs to have the value built in.

Products Tailored to Their Needs

Boomers have been called the “me” generation, and as they grow older, your marketing still needs to be all about them. They want a selection of merchandise that makes sense for them. They want st louis cardinals st louis cardinals sweatshirt and cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt that fit their lifestyle and size. Give Boomers a good selection, and they’ll have the successful shopping experience they desire.

Good In-Store Experience

As their eyes start to fail, they want signage and printed materials that are easy to read without reading glasses. They want lights that are bright enough for them to see what they’re buying or eating. They want sound management that will help them distinguish separate sounds as background noise becomes more of a problem.

Baby Boomers also want attention and good manners from service staff. “Train your non-Boomer staff to show respect to older customers. They must never be ignored,” says Matt Thornhill, president of the Richmond-based Boomer Project. “One bad experience will turn a Boomer off of your business forever. Train your staff to pay attention and use good manners. Good service isn’t a commodity these days, it’s a point of difference.”


For Boomers, it’s no longer true that “He who dies with the most toys, wins.” Baby Boomers are in search of experiences. Most Boomers love to travel, and they don’t necessarily travel to lounge by a pool. They’re searching for self-discovery, for adventure rather than relaxation. They love to experience new things, which is why you’ll find many Boomers taking classes, starting new careers or going on National Geographic expeditions.

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write by Anwar Mumumed

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