In case of a natural or man-made disaster, having meals ready to eat (MRE) on hand gives you peace of mind for your family’s survival. The end of the world has been predicted long before the Mayans recorded the last day as December 21, 2012. On Twitter, it is being reported that Oprah calling it quits in 2011 is a sure sign she has insider tips and wants to enjoy her last remaining days before the fat lady sings! In all seriousness, whether 2012 turns out to be a repeat of Y2K (I still have the t- beamng!) or an actual doomsday scenario, it pays to be prepared ahead of schedule!

To prepare for any emergency take the following steps:

  • Stock a two week supply of water at your home and office.
  • Store a 2 week supply of meals ready to eat non-perishable food at home.
  • Assembly a First Aid Kit and include extra medications your family (including pets) may need.
  • Keep blankets, flashlights, batteries, multipurpose tools, and a portable radio on hand for home use and stored in your vehicles.
  • Pack a 3 day supply of MRE meals in all your vehicles.

One of the companies that produce MRE survival food for the United States military also producing the Sopakco “Sure-Pak 12” for civilians. The packaged MRE foods contain much of the same emergency food as the military MRE such as the entrees, side items, and desserts.

With ordering the ration packs, you have the option of purchasing the meals ready to eat with or without heaters. Optional flameless ration heaters are included in the meal kit which is activated using plain water. For additional savings, the Sure-Paks without heaters cost around $9 less than the emergency meals with heaters.

Each Sure-Pak case comes with twelve separate meals. There are typically six different menus in each case for variety. An example of a MRE survival food menu includes the following:

  • Chicken Fajita
  • Grilled Beef Patty
  • Chicken Cavatelli
  • Chicken Strips in Salsa
  • Sloppy Joe
  • Cajun style rice/beans with beef sausage

Being prepared is the easiest part of survival. Once all your plans are in place, you can forget it and go on with your normal routine. Although, you will be two steps ahead of the game!

write by Manfred