Meemmutty Falls: The Force of Nature I

Meemmutty Falls: The Force of Nature I

Meemmutty Falls: The Force of Nature Iblack t shirt

The next day we planned on visiting the Meenmutty falls. We were told that this will involve a long trek through the forest and hence we prepared ourselves accordingly. Armed with a good pair of los angeles dodgers shirt and water and juices, we started for Meenmutty falls. The entrance to the falls is tucked away in a desolate spot between lots of over growth. The small kucha road which can become quite slushy during rains takes you to a dead end from where the trek begins again. The trek to the falls is through dense forests and you are accompanied by a guide from one of the tribal communities.

There is a eco tourism committee which manages this place. The tourist infrastructure is quite rudimentary here with no specific parking or any shops selling knick knacks like in other popular tourist destinations we had seen before. It seemed like the perfect trekking hideout, calm, very infrequently visited and packed with adventure. There is no parking space here and I think not more than two cars can be parked here at anytime. I am not sure why this place is so infrequently visited, but maybe the crowds pick up in peak season. Anyways, there was a single car shed made out of thatched roof (At least, that’s what we thought it was) and paid 20 rupees for it to some lady who emerged from a house nearby.

The area was completely desolate and there a few houses nearby, a typical scene from any village in Kerala, but as soon as we had parked and approached the barricade, a man surfaced from somewhere and introduced him. He was apparently the keeper of the barricade and informed us that we would have to buy a ticket and a guide would be accompanying us to the falls. I am exactly not sure how much I paid, so please pardon me for my faint memory.

Our guide, a man named James was a man in his mid forties and was stocky. But in spite of his build he was quite fit and agile. So we started our journey to the falls.

The mail falls is located way below and it involves a trek through coffee plantations initially followed by a trek through the jungles. The gradient is very steep and you are climbing down for most of your journey to the main falls. The path is narrow and slippery at places. On the way you will come across many small falls or rather streams. As soon as you enter the forest, the roar of the falls greets your ears and you know that you are in the vicinity of a powerful force.

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