Meeting Women Is Easy Once You Understand How!

Meeting Women Is Easy Once You Understand How!

Meeting Women Is Easy Once You Understand How!black t shirt

Years and years ago, the Famous Latin Model Daisy Fuentes was interviewed and asked about her dating life.

And the guy asked her, are do men approach you and ask you out? Because Daisy is famous and also a very confident lady. And she said, “No, men are too afraid to approach me and ask me out, so I don’t have too many dates believe it or not!” She then said, “What’s wrong with men?” “Why don’t men ask women out more often?”

“Are men afraid of women?” And then she laughed. She then said, “Men, get some balls, ask women out, it shows you have confidence.”

Daisy also went on to say, that she can’t understand why the stronger sex is afraid to approach women who are 1/2 their size and strength. Well men, there is an actual answer that goes all the way back into your DNA and socialization. But for this article, we will not get into that. I clearly break this down in my course, how a man can be in the Army Airborne, jump out of planes and fight in war risking his life in every way, yet, get that same guy to approach a girl 1/2 his size, 5’2″, 110 lbs., no way! Hahahaha… it’s funny, but it’s true. I have spoken to many martial artist, professional fighters and one Professional football player who was a client of mine and they all felt the same way. They were terrified to approach women before taking my course. And, to tell you the truth, I am my own best client.

I was a world-class fighter at one point in my life, playing football, competed and won in boxing, kickboxing and wrestling, studying martial arts since I was 4 years old, winning multiple state and national championships and titles. Even being ranked #1 U.S.A. in Kickboxing! And i was terrified of approaching women. It was when I approached a girl who was 4’11” and tried to talk to her. She intimidated me so badly, that I walked away, completely feeling embarrassed and my face was beat red. It as at this point that I was like, What the Hell is going on here? I am ranked #1 in the U.S.A. as a Kick-boxer and I am in perfect shape, strong and a lot bigger than her, by a foot almost.

It was at this point that I decided to do something about it. After years and years, over 12 years of studying Hypnosis, N.L.P., Time Line therapy, Psychology, Communications, Body language and over 41 certifications and a lot more, I finally came to an extremely easy and very effective answer to this dilemma. And guess what? It works!

Yes, meeting women now, can be extremely easy once you know how!

See, what I found out, was men approach, communicate and try to pick up on, attract and meet women in what’s called, The Male, Linear, external way. And this drives women nuts, scares them and irritates women.

Turns out, that women are so different, that the way men approach women, talk to women, even try to romance women actually irritates or scares women and leaves women lost and confused as to why men do these strange, odd and foreign things!

See, basically, here’s what’s happening. #1 Men and women literally speak 2 completely different languages, but it’s deceptive, because in this country and others we all speak a common language and we all think we are hearing the same thing. Turns out, that couldn’t be anything further than the truth. See, women process relationship communication in their right brains. The right brain is the Internal, creative, spiritual and emotionally fulfilling language. But, men communicate and process language in the logical, external, male brain. When she says A. you literally hear B. Because your brain processes her communication/words through a different brain and you literally hear something different then what she is saying. The good news, is there is an answer to this.

#2, We both fall in love and receive love differently, so differently, that when you buy her flowers and things and express your love in the male way, it actually hurts her feelings and rips her heart out. So then the war begins. She thinks you are either A. Being lazy, or B. Don’t care. So she then begins to attack, hurt and set you up! Hey, in her mind, you started it. But, you didn’t. You were literally expressing your love in the male, external way which her brain cannot relate to or understand. So she is standing there confused, lost and hurt when you buy her roses, flowers and more. For example, have you ever paid for dinner and drinks and movies or a club, etc. and after word, she said, “Oh, thanks, you’re nice.” And either gives you kiss on the cheek or a hand shake and goes home or says, I have a headache? hahahahaha

See, she was waiting for something from you, but you have no idea what this is. And thus you never, ever, ever, ever do this. Instead you keep spending tons and tons and tons of money, getting no where! Because, that’s not what she wants. If you learn what this is, it will save you a ton of money and get you a lot more honey in the bedroom if you know what I mean. Yes, guys, there is a Secret that Mother nature has hidden from you.

And when you learn what this Secret is, she will give you all the loving you desire. And you won’t have to spend a dime! And yes, I teach this Powerful Secret in my course.

#3 Women are aroused, seduced and turned on completely differently than you! If you do it in the male way, she’s going to get mad as hell. If you learn how to do this, in the female way, Bamm! You are in!

Now, back to Daisy and getting your balls back! Because, that’s what my entire course is all about. You becoming a masculine, take charge man!

Most women by the time they are in their mid 40’s will tell you, that men are a lot more sensitive emotionally than women. But, younger girls think they are more sensitive than men. They are not, it’s not true.

See, what’s going on, is that boys, by the time they are 18 years old have been so shocked, hurt and spellbound by women ruthlessly embarrassing them in public when men try to approach them or talk to them, that by the time a boy is 18, his emotional nervous system has linked up massive pain and fear to approaching girls.

Now, I have asked women, if you want men to approach you, then why are you so mean and hurtful when a guy approaches you and tries to ask you out, etc.? I mean, look at you, you are all dressed up, high heels, push-up bra with a revealing detroit tigers hawaiian shirt or blouse unbuttoned with red lipstick on and more. And then she will say, “Well, I don’t want him to approach me!” And then I said, “How does he know he’s not your type?” “It’s not like there is a sign above your head that tells him if he;’s your type or not!” Guys, I have heard this invariably from hundreds and hundreds of women over the years. And then they say, “Oh, I never thought about that!”

So basically what happens, is when a guy finally gets up the courage to ask a girl out, she rips his heart out and publicly embarrasses and humiliates him! And all the therapy in the world will not help you at all. How do I know? Because I went through tons of therapy of all kinds and it never, ever worked. But, what does work is understanding the female way to approaching and talking to women. And all of a sudden, your mind and your nervous system completely see things in a different light because women suddenly relax, open up and want to talk to you. So your emotional nervous system completely rewires itself to this new way to approaching and meeting and talking to women in a very calm, relaxed and positive way that gets you what you really want!

And suddenly you are off to the races and it’s becomes really, really fun!

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write by Raphael Walton

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