Memphis, Tennessee – The Home of Elvis Presley

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Often seen as the founding father of pop and the rock and roll music movement, Elvis Aaron Presley was a legend in his lifetime and his death left one pair of unfilled blue suede shoes. Famous for his dark quiff, lip curl and hip gyrations, the King of modern music spent much of his life living in Memphis.

His family first moved to Memphis when Presley was just 13, having been born in Tupelo, Mississippi. It was here where he was first exposed to African American music – an important formative experience for this young budding musician. In November 1948, Elvis moved in to the Courts housing complex in Memphis and enrolled at the Humes High School.

Beale Street in downtown Memphis was a growing blues scene where Elvis would take much of his inspiration. Stretching along the Mississippi River to East Street, the area is still a hotspot for tourists with regular festivals and outdoor concerts. Presley would hang out and listen to rhythm and blues, getting a taste for the musical talents of artists like Sister Rosetta, Arthur Crudup and Rufus Thomas.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Memphis office or live in the area, then you are in the heart of Elvis land! Elvis himself took a few jobs in the area when he was a teenager growing up there, working shifts at Loew’s State Theater, MARL Metal Products and Precision Tool.

But perhaps the most famous Elvis legacy is the Graceland mansion on 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard on Highway 51 South. Standing out in the crowd with tall white pillars and 13.8 acres of estate, the mansion has since been made into a museum to commemorate the singer. In March 2006 it was declared a National Historic Landmark and only the White House can boast more visitors to an American attraction. Elvis lived here from 1957 with his mother Gladys and father Vernon Presley.

Sadly, it was in Graceland where Elvis died on August 16, 1977, leaving behind a host of unforgettable songs. From Heartbreak Hotel to Hound Dog, Elvis had hit after hit and legions of screaming fans who were greatly saddened by the loss of this icon. His most popular tunes included All Shook Up, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Blue Suede Shoes, Can’t Help Falling in Love, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Jailhouse Rock, It’s Now or Never, A Little Less Conversation and Love Me Tender. However, his musical legacy lives on, with millions across the world still hailing to the King.

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